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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Joe the plumber is in the crosshairs!

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into perspective!" 

FIRST we are going to look at some of the major networks and how they cover the news:

By Ken Tucker Critic-at-Large
What’s the biggest story in the country right now, the one that has the potential to affect the most Americans? The health care bill, am I right? The bill whose details were only just revealed by the Republicans late last week, and which could be voted on as soon as today. Yet it was possible to watch all of Fox News’s prime time line-up on Monday — particularly Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity — and hear bearly a word about the health care debate. Why would that be?

President Trump’s travel-ban legislation, ruled on by the Supreme Court, was the lead story on both Tucker and The Five. (The Five devoted time to the health care bill 15 minutes into its broadcast.) For Hannity, the lead story was what the host Sean Hannity termed the lack of evidence of Trump Administration collusion with Russia. (That collusion has, of course, not been disproven at all — that’s why there’s an ongoing investigation.) Hannity said that “Russia and the destroy-Trump media” would be “the subject of tonight’s opening monologue you won’t hear anywhere else.” And the reason you won’t hear it anywhere else is because no one else thinks that’s the top story in the country.

Over on MSNBC, Chris Hayes led off his 8 p.m. All In by laying out details of the health care bill, complete with bipartisan interviews that included a Republican Congressman and a conservative economist. What was Carlson doing in that hour? One of his first stories was labeled, “CNN Is A Campaign With A Political Mission,” timed to the network’s recent dismissal of three journalists. A bit later, he went to his usual, bottomless well of contempt for his latest sally against political correctness, in this case (this was the headline) “Alaska Dumps Columbus Day For Indigenous People’s Day.” Yes, for real: Carlson ignored health care for some inflated anger about a decision made in Alaska.


Any political party that is so morally bankrupt as to foist a new piece of legislation on the general population that would not only make a great number of citizens experience extreme hardship, but could theoretically even kill millions of people who will no longer be able to stay healthy for financial reasons alone, deserves to be exposed for what it is!!!!

(Hint: It's not nice!)

On top of that, even though they have a large percentage of the populace hoodwinked into believing this law would actually be good for them instead of a threat to life and limb, they have kept the details of the bill secret in case someone gets wise to the whole thing and blows the whistle.

How anyone, let alone a political party, be so cold that it borders on evil just so they can give tax breaks to the guys sitting on top is beyond comprehension!

In the history of the world this is just as bad in principal as anything a fascist or communist state has ever subjected their people to, and there are even groups within this party that claim the legislation doesn't go far enough! (For the pain it would cause to the average Joe!)

The way I see it anyway!