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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion about the Republicans.

Dear friends: I hardly know where to start….., but what I am trying to impress on people might give you some indication of the enormity of the problem we face! 

Here is the question:
"What will a future US administration have to do to undo the damage (environmental, political and others) caused by the Trump administration?"

Now here is the answer from a guy who will remain nameless so I don't embarrass him too much! 

What damage are you referring to? So far he has been undoing a lot of damage done by Obama. The military is in a shambles thanks to Obama and the economy is better now than the last 10 years. Unemployment is down more than the last 17 years. People, soon, will no longer be fined for not being able to afford Obamacare. So what damage is Trump doing?

First of all, that old trick "Blame Obama" is still being used for anything and everything, but even that is not the point folks!

What really gets me is the lack of critical thinking and tunnel vision displayed by this typical Republican voter who makes so many mistakes and false assumptions it is almost beyond belief!

First of all, the military is not in shambles, it's in very good shape in spite of what Drumpf says.

Second the economy is in good shape. (If you want to get right down to technical explanations, the economy does not bounce along because of government policies, but rather economic factors. If truth be known, the recession of 2008 was not caused by any government, but rather a secondary result of government inattention allowing financial institutions to run rampant.  

Third, unemployment is down because the economy is good, not because of anything the government did. The only time government can really affect the job situation is when they invoke large scale infrastructure projects like when Dwight D. Eisenhower built the  National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, or when the government increases spending on the military. That's why the
United States has the largest military in the world kids, it's not about defence as much as job creation.

(There are all sorts of other reasons to ask how we are going to fix Drump's legacy (so far) like Trump's anti-government brigade is headlined by EPA nominee Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general who repeatedly sued the agency he has been tapped to lead – including in a failed attempt to strike down limits on emissions of the neurotoxin mercury. It includes billionaire Betsy DeVos, the would-be education secretary who testified this week that states should decide whether to enforce the federal civil rights law guaranteeing education to students with disabilities; energy secretary nominee Rick Perry, who famously wanted to eliminate his future department; housing secretary nominee Ben Carson, who had assessed himself unqualified to lead any federal agency; and treasury secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin, who profited from both the housing bubble and its aftermath, pivoting from the mortgage desk at Goldman Sachs to running a bank dubbed a "foreclosure machine" by critics – which tossed military service members out of their homes and tried to foreclose on a 90-year-old lady who owed the bank 27 cents. Mnuchin's "number one priority," he's said, is to "strip back" the Dodd Frank financial reforms that Congress passed in 2010 to prevent another housing-market crash.)

AND THEN: Here's the biggest bullshit lie of all. 

"Soon, people will no longer be fined for not being able to afford Obamacare." 

That's right folks, and if you had even an iota of critical thinking at your disposal you would realize that this is because you wouldn't have Obamacare at all! (Or any other type of health insurance!)

All this lack of tools necessary to get you through life by a certain percentage of the population reminds me of what Dean Wormer of Faber College once told Kent "Flounder" Dorfmanin in the movie "National Lampoon's Animal house!"

"Fat Drunk and Stupid is No Way to go Through Life Son!"

This has left the 45th president, in the words of Harvard legal scholar Laurence Tribe, "a walking, talking violation of the constitution from the moment he took the oath of office."

SO: What was the question again?
The way I see it anyway!
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