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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

It's fun to say "shithouse!"

Dear friends: There has been a shithouse full of stuff about Drumpf saying "shithole" these last few days and certain things are starting to become ovbvious because of it.

First of all Don the Con is out of his depth about everything in government and will just go this way and that depending on what the last person said to him! We saw this in his televised cabinet meeting a few days ago where he changed position from one sentence to the next because somebody gave a counter argument.........., proving that this guy is not only wishy washy about things, but will go wherever the wind blows him.

This makes his constant reversal of statements and positions a little easier to understand because his opinions are being challenged by other strong-minded individuals about stuff where he is out of his depth,  rather than the bowing and scraping he got in private business life when he only had to deal with  family and droids! (Yes men.)

The other major and obvious thing we are noticing is that reporters and politicians are really starting to enjoy saying "SHITHOLE!"

Look folks, when this thing first broke nobody would say (shit) anything because it just wasn't what they were used to. All they would do is say "S" hole! But slowly....., ever so slowly......, one by one, they started to say the word and it felt good to say it....., so they used it some more and eventually EVERYBODY was yelling SHITHOLE and  SHITHOUSE AND EVEN .......... well you get the idea!

Is it great to finally be able to swear on national TV kids?

Fucking right!

The way I see it anyway!
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