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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Islamic Violence!

Dear Friends: I was reading about a debate that is raging in France right now concerning Islam and the Koran. (They have one of the largest Muslim and Jewish populations in all of Europe!)

Basically there was a rise in antisemitic violence  in the past few years (probably due to all the refugees France has accepted lately) and politicians have been advocating for an editing of the Koran to eliminate all the calls for hate and violence against non Muslims in the book!

Naturally the Imams reject this and claim it is being interpreted wrong...., and since this is called the "literal word of God" there is not much to argue about according to the Muslims!

This brings us to an idea that I put forward in my book; "An exploration of Religion and the Meaning of life!" ( )

Perhaps what Islam needs is a “Reformation” along the same lines as the upheaval of the Catholic Church by Martin Luther.

As we said, Islam became highly divisive right from its inception when it split into the Sunni, Shiite, and Sufi sects. Add to this the fact that Islam was spread through war and conflict as opposed to the philosophy of “love thy neighbour” that was the foundation of Christianity, and we have a religion that is ripe for dissension and conflict.

Then, on top of the divisiveness amongst the practitioners of Islam, we can see how the faith slides still further with the triumph of fundamentalist Wahhabism interpretations of the Koran in the 11th century.

This resulted in the triggering of major conflicts amongst the population of the region and then the gradual decline of Islamic, and then by default, Arab civilization.
 The way I see it anyway!

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