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Monday, 2 July 2018

Hot enough for ya?

Dear Friends: Out on the west coast they always have the possibility of an earthquake suddenly opening up a big hole in the ground:

Image result for earthquake damage on highway

Image result for earthquake road damage

Well we have the same problem folks, but out here in S.W. Onario the problem is caused by Global Warming and the HEAT:

The pavement just couldn’t take it Sunday.

As the temperature hit 34C (95F) with a Humidex of 43, (110F)  two sections of busy Highway 3 buckled, causing the busy highway’s closure. (Buckling due to extreme heat on Highway 3, west of Ellis Side Road is pictured Sunday, July 1, 2018.)

“Two sections of roadway near the aforementioned intersections have buckled due to the heat and are considered unsafe to travel on,” the OPP said in a 4:30 p.m. news release, advising that the section will remain closed until further notice. (The buckling happened a few hours after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had made his appearance at Canada Day celebrations in Leamington and had headed back to Windsor Airport for his trip westward for stops in Regina and Dawson City, Yukon.)

The region is in the midst of a heat wave that “will be the most significant heat event in the past few years,” Environment Canada warns in its heat warning alert, issued  for Windsor, Essex and Chatham-Kent. The ministry issues these warnings when heat and humidity reaches a point where they pose an elevated risk to people’s health, including the increased risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

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