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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Saturday Morning Confusion: Me and My Arrow!

Dear Friends: Now that Canada and Boeing Aircraft are on the outs over the purchase of more F-18A Super Hornets for our Air Force, one of the guys here at the Perspective Research Department came up with the idea of resurrecting the Avro Arrow:

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Although designed and built in the late 50's this mach 2.5 jet was so far ahead of its time that the plane would keep up with anything in the sky here in the twenty first century. (There just wasn't any "stealth" built into the plane, but it was so fast ya wouldn't need it anyway...... by the time they see you it's already too late!)

This jet was so advanced that it seriously affected the American military aircraft industry and as a result the U.S. government pressured Canada into scrapping the program, which resulted in all the aero-space engineers packing up and moving to the States to join NASA. (Yes that's right folks, if the truth be told the American military industrial complex of the 50's and 60's was made up of mostly German and Canadian engineers and scientists!)

As I mentioned earlier a member of our Research Department has suggested we find the only surviving Arrow that's out in the bottom of Lake Ontario somewhere...... and then fix it up and use it as a template for a squadron or two of new planes for our military.

Hell, we might even be able to sell a few of them overseas!

The way I see it anyway!
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