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Friday, 24 October 2014

Religion of Peace?

Allan's Perspective



Dear Readers:
I was going to save this article for Sunday Morning’s “religious” column, but decided to publish it today because of assholes like Justin Trudeau, who keep saying that Islam is a religion of peace!
We took a detailed look at both Christianity and Islam in my book “The Plain Truth About God” and some important facts about this “religion of peace,” were revealed!
It seems that Islam was violent right from the get-go, and it's woven right into the fabric of the faith!

As we said, Islam became highly divisive right from its inception when it split into the Sunni, Shiite, and Sufi sects.
Add to this the fact that Islam was spread through war and conflict as opposed to the philosophy of “love thy neighbour” that was the foundation of Christianity, and we have a religion that is ripe for dissension and conflict.
Then, on top of the divisiveness amongst the practitioners of Islam, we can see how the faith slides still further with the triumph of fundamentalist interpretations of the Koran in the 11th century.
This resulted in the triggering of major conflicts amongst the population of the region and then the gradual decline of Islamic, and then by default, Arab civilization
One of the facts that we have to consider is that the main driving force behind Islam is that it was bound up in war and aggression from its very inception. As a result, no matter how close or far from the intended message of the Koran it was, portions of it were always used to justify an Arab extremist and expansionist view. History has now given us an almost unbroken string of militant Islamic movements from the “Assassins” of the 11th-12th century to the Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers. (Even if he was technically a Persian and not Arab.)
The crusades were the first catalyst that got Islam to “rally round the flag” in Middle East terms, and the second was the Mongol invasion shortly after that.
Arab society became full of hatred to both Eastern and Western invaders and the early result of this was the emergence of Ibn-Taymeyah as one of the first Arab extremists.
He was born in 1263 C. E. during the Mongol invasions and died in jail for his extremist views in 1328 C.E.
(During his lifetime, almost all of the main Islamic schools of theology, to their credit, rejected his extremist views. He was constantly at odds with the authorities, but had a great and loyal following among the masses.)
This seems to have set the tone for the following centuries, with constant upheaval among clergy and theologians. (Much the same as in the early Christian Church.)
One of the modern day results of this dissension in the religion was the establishment of Wahhabism in the mid part of the sixteenth century.
This brand of ultra-conservative Islam, which we now loosely call fundamentalism, was established by Mahammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab around 1715 in what is now Saudi Arabia.
Those who accepted his ideals, which were termed Wahhabiyya, were called Wahhabis.
(Al-Wahhab was very aware of the fact that he was not a mere preacher, but the leader of a movement that sought to effect a real change in society. Like all practical social reformers, he was convinced of the necessity of power for the realization of the goals that he advocated.)
The Wahhabis main practitioners were the Bedouin tribes in the deserts of what is now Saudi Arabia.
Their insular point of view is that anyone who does not follow their particular brand of Islam is a disbeliever and infidel.
It now forms the basis for most of the religious and political life in Saudi Arabia, and it has slowly become the standard by which a lot of Islam is being held accountable!

From the book “The Plain Truth About God” (A Brief History of Western Civilization!) available at:

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Well, I might as well raise some more shit!

Allan's Perspective


(Chris Alexander, citizenship and immigration minister, holds a Canadian flag at a citizenship ceremony in Dartmouth, N.S. on Tuesday, October 14.)
Since this blog (meaning ME) is being branded as a shit disturber anyway ……………………, I might as well do a little more of it!
Folks, a bunch of goody-two-shoes lawyers are causing trouble in Ottawa a day after the terrorist attack there!
Ottawa wants to strip these “terrorist” people of their Canadian citizenship if they have dual status with some other country ……….., like in the Middle-East.
BUT, left wing legal-eagles are objecting, and the P.C. crowd is in agreement!
We, meanwhile, think these people should be treated more like a fish ya catch that has a big cancer sore on it’s side………….., the best thing you can for everyone concerned is thrown it back!
Constitutional lawyers are in Federal Court today, challenging a law that allows the government to strip a Canadian-born person of their citizenship.
Toronto lawyers Rocco Galati and Paul Slansky, who is representing the Constitutional Rights Centre, say the new law is unconstitutional.
Previously, someone could be stripped of Canadian citizenship for attaining it through false representations.
A new law expands the list of those vulnerable to revocation to include people born in Canada but eligible to claim citizenship in another country — for instance, through their parents — as well as on grounds such as treason and terrorism.
Galati says people born in Canada are citizens, “period,” and once a citizen has been naturalized they have the same rights as someone who is natural born.
Galati, who is himself a naturalized citizen, says unless there has been fraud in the naturalization process, the government does not have the legal authority to “yank back” that citizenship.
Read more:
Remember those Boko Haram assholes in Nigeria who kidnapped all those school girls?
They are releasing the girls, but at the same time they are going out and kidnapping new one’s!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an issue here that needs to be addressed.
Yes, once again it’s one of those politically correct things that somehow keep popping up, but this one is important because I am going to defend someone whom I normally wouldn’t give the time of day to.
That “someone” is Pat Robertson of the 700 Club!
On his Christian Broadcasting Network show on Wednesday, Robertson blasted Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who is gay, for issuing subpoenas to five prominent pastors who had opposed a new anti-discrimination law.
“These people are terrorists, they’re radicals, and they’re extremists,” Robertson told “700 Club” viewers. “No Christian in his right mind would ever try to enforce somebody against their belief or else suffer jail. Now they did that during the Inquisition. It was horrible. It was a black mark on our history, but it isn’t being done now. There’s no Christian group I know of anywhere in the world that would force somebody to do something contrary to their deep-held religious beliefs or else face criminal penalties, but that’s what the homosexuals are trying to do here in America and I think it’s time pastors stand up and fight this monstrous thing.”
Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union came to Robertson’s defence, they slammed the subpoenas, saying they violated the pastors’ civil rights.
“The government should never engage in fishing expeditions into the inner workings of a church,” the ACLU said in a statement. “And any request for information must be carefully tailored to seek only what is relevant to the dispute.”
In response, Parker said the city would clarify the subpoenas, admitting they were “too broad.”
“If the gays want to go out and do their gay sex, that’s one thing,” Robertson continued. “But if they want to force you to accept it and solemnify it by marriage, then that’s a different matter and it’s an infringement on people’s religious belief. What’s being done in Houston is a gay — the woman they elected is a homosexual, she’s a lesbian, and she’s trying to force pastors to conform to her beliefs.
It’s wrong.”



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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ted is still O.K. folks!



Dear Readers:
With all the bad stuff going on in the world we thought you might like a little happy news!
You might remember the voice of a once-homeless man named Ted Williams.
He hit the media spotlight three years ago and became known as the man with the golden voice. ‘When you’re listening to nothing but the oldies, you’re listening to Magic 98.9′
Well, he’s come a long way from standing on the side of the road doing his magical voice for a dollar.
‘Now, he lives with his long-time girlfriend in their own place. It even has a fireplace!
It’s been a long road, and Williams says he has a lot of titles, including former drug addict.
He admitted he started drinking again when he was first discovered, but says he’s been sober for two years now.
His voice was featured in a Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial. ‘Kraft homestyle macaroni and cheese … you know you love it.’
Williams has also reconnected with family members since his life took a turn for the better.
And he’s written a book, fittingly called “A Golden Voice.” It’s advertised as an honest recollection of his life on the streets and his struggles with addiction. But the book has heartwarming moments too.
‘It is a deeply American, from-the-heart comeback story about the power of hope, faith, and personal responsibility. ‘
We’re glad to see Williams has been doing so well, and we certainly hope he got to enjoy every bit of that fireplace this winter.
MEANWHILE: It seems “Iron Man” has gone over to England for a while!
IRON MAN, Robert Downey Jr., 2008. ©Paramount/Courtesy Everett CollectionPilots flying over England this summer were shocked to see what looked like a man whizzing by the aircraft at about 3,500 feet, the Daily Mail reports via Yahoo. According to Britain’s Airprox Board, which investigates such matters, the passenger plane was making a descent to Manchester on June 13 when pilots “first sighted the object a few hundred meters in the 11 o’clock position.” The mystery man passed within 300 to 600 feet of the Airbus 320 as other crew members caught a glimpse of him. “The crew only saw it fleetingly, there was no time to take avoiding action,” the board adds, per the Mirror. The pilots made their report assuming it was “a person under a [parachuting] canopy,” says the board, yet neither “can remember seeing a canopy.”
What’s more, air controllers spotted nothing on their radar screens, and British hang-gliding and parachuting experts say a lone flyer couldn’t have operated due to weather that day. Maybe it was a person-shaped balloon, but weather conditions make that doubtful as well—so “the board agreed that it was unfortunate that there was really no information that could lead to identifying the unknown object.” Maybe the so-called “Superman of Macclesfield” was a man wearing a wingsuit, Inquisitr reports, noting that occasional skydivers have used wingsuits to land without a parachute. “If it was an extreme sports wingsuiter,” says Yahoo, “we’ll probably see footage on YouTube eventually.”[/quote]
AND WHILE WE’RE IN ENGLAND: The phone was placed in the coffin of 59-Year-old Lesley Emerson because she loved texting her family members.
Cancer took Lesley in 2011 but her granddaughter Sheri sent messages to the phone from time to time “as a way of coping.”
The Shields Gazette reports Sheri was stopped in her tracks last week when she received a response.
“I’m watching over you, you’ll get through this, you’ll be all right,” the message said.
Sheri admitted to being rattled by the situation.
“Obviously we know that nan wasn’t ever going to reply to our texts,” she said. “You can imagine what I was thinking seeing a message flash up from her.”
Sheri’s uncle called the number and, sure enough, someone answered.
The man on the other end said he thought the messages he had been getting were jokes, so he decided to send something back.
The family isn’t mad at the guy, but they are peeved at their cell provider.
They said they paid the company, Q2, to retire Lesley’s number but instead it was given to another customer.
The Daily Mail reports Q2 is trying to get the number back so the family won’t have to go through this again.
The DNA from the 45,000-year-old bone of a man from Siberia is helping to pinpoint when modern humans and Neanderthals first interbred, researchers say.
Although modern humans are the only surviving human lineage, others once lived on Earth.
The closest extinct relatives of modern humans were the Neanderthals, who lived in Europe and Asia until they went extinct about 40,000 years ago.
paabo-with-human-femurRecent findings revealed that Neanderthals interbred with ancestors of modern humans when modern humans began spreading out of Africa — 1.5 to 2.1 percent of the DNA of anyone living outside Africa today is Neanderthal in origin.
Study researcher Svante Pääbo examines a 45,000-year-old femur from a Siberian man that is helping scientists pinpoint when Neanderthals and modern humans interbred.
It remains uncertain just when interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals occurred.
Previous estimates of these events ranged from 37,000 to 86,000 years ago
Get ready to marvel at the moon’s dark shadow taking a bite out of the sun late Thursday afternoon as sky-watchers across most of Canada – except the Maritimes – will be treated to a partial solar eclipse.
An eclipse of the sun occurs when the Earth, moon and sun line up. However, unlike a total eclipse where the entire face of the sun is covered up by the moon passing in between, on Thursday only part of the sun will be covered by the moon. Depending on where you are, anywhere from 18% to 81% of the sun will appear hidden from view.
The timing of the eclipse also varies and depends strongly on your viewing region, says Raminder Singh Samra, resident astronomer at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver, B.C.
“Thursday afternoon or late afternoon, depending on your location in Canada, is when it begins, and it ends in the late afternoon or early evening,” he explained.
“The best location to observe the eclipse when it is at its maximum will be in the northern arctic, in Nunavut Territory, where up to 81% of the sun will be covered. However, for Canadians living in more populated areas in the south, from Saskatchewan westward, the eclipse will also be impressive, too, since all phases will be visible.”
SE2014Oct23PViewers out west will have the best seats in the house as the sun will be high overhead when the eclipse gets underway. For example, in Vancouver the eclipse begins at 1:32 p.m. PDT – with the first hints of a bite taken out of the sun. Maximum eclipse will occur at 2:57 p.m., when 66% of the sun will be covered. The the show will end by 4:16 p.m. PDT when the moon entirely moves off the solar disk. Eclipse watchers as far east as London, Ont. will see as much as half of the sun disappear.
For folks in Ontario and Quebec, viewing will be a bit more tricky, but potentially quite spectacular as the entire sky show will unfold just as the sun is setting – meaning observers will need a clear view of western horizon. For Toronto, the eclipse will reach 44% by sunset at 6:20 p.m. EDT, while Montreal will only get to see 18% of the sun covered by the time the it dips below the local horizon.
Unfortunately for Atlantic provinces, sky-watchers will miss out on the event completely because the sun will have set by the time the eclipse gets underway.
Check out this NASA eclipse timetable for all major Canadian cities.

Of course, eclipse-watchers must remember to never look directly at the sun with naked eyes without proper solar filters, otherwise they risk damaging their vision.
“Normally we don’t look at the sun directly as its glare is strong enough to ward away our eyes,” Samra said. However, in an eclipse the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun’s corona is still present but the glare is significantly reduced, thus potentially inviting you to look at the sun directly.”
To observe the sun safely, it’s recommended to use welder’s glasses No. 14 or greater or special eclipse glasses that are designed to look at the sun.
If you are clouded out or stuck indoors then you are still in luck, thanks to the astronomy outreach venture, which will broadcast the entire eclipse starting at 2:00 p.m. PDT.
All this will be great preparation for the next big event that eclipse-watchers in North America have been waiting for, which happens on August 21, 2017. On that day a total eclipse of the Sun will sweep across the U.S., with partial phases visible all across Canada, too.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Asshole of the Day # 86

Allan's Perspective



OK folks, here’s our “Asshole of the Day,” and a tip for would-be home invaders!
You might want to consider attempting to break in via a window or a door … instead of, say, the chimney.
Authorities say that’s the route Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa decided to take early yesterday in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and things went very wrong, KTLA reports.
Deputies responded to a 5:45am call reporting that the woman, variously reported as 28 or 30, had been stuck in the chimney for two to three hours.
Neighbors called after hearing her screams, according to CBS LA.
Firefighters used jackhammers to partially dismantle the chimney, and lubricated the flue with dish soap before lifting Nunez-Figueroa out.
What was she doing in there in the first place?
Well, it’s not clear, but she’d gone on six dates with the homeowner—who wasn’t home at the time—after meeting him online, and he says he’d recently ended the relationship.
(Gee, I wonder why? -Ed.)
Read more: # 86
Citizen’s arrests date back to medieval times. They are arrests made by a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. Generally, citizens are encouraged to be mindful of unlawfulness and to take action when they see it.
In an attempt to bring attention to the issue of unlawful traffic stops by police impersonators, Gavin Seim of Washington state flagged down a police officer.
The former Republican congressional candidate and self-proclaimed “liberty speaker” stopped a Washington state police officer last week because he was driving an unmarked vehicle.

Seim asked the officer if it was a registered unmarked vehicle for undercover work.
When the officer replied that it was a patrol car, Seim informed him of the law, saying, “You’re not allowed to have patrol cars that are unmarked, are you aware of that?”
In the state of Washington, police are allowed to drive unmarked vehicles for special undercover work but not for regular patrols. This is not a national law.
Seim then went through all the normal steps of a traffic stop: taking the officer’s name and asking to see his license. Then after a lengthy discussion about the law, Seim let him off with a warning. He urged the officer to speak with his bosses about their illegal patrol cars.
As odd as this may seem, Seim explains that he has a reason for this type of activism. He says that police using unmarked vehicles for regular patrols puts citizens in danger, because people can never be sure if they’re being pulled over by actual cops. On his blog he wrote, “If you think it’s not a serious issue, try asking those that have been raped or lost loves [sic] ones because of unmarked cars.”
Ladies and Gentlemen, SNOPES.COM is always good for a laugh or two, and this list is no exception:
This page compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail, and media coverage.
(And it’s no coincidence that a lot of them have to do with Ebola!!!!!)
Ebola in Texas
•Report that the town of Purdon, Texas, has been quarantined because a family of five tested positive for Ebola.
Is Ebola Airborne?
•Report claims that Ebola can now be spread via airborne transmission.
Last Meal
•Claim that a Texas ‘cannibal pedophile’ death row inmate requested a child as his last meal.
Pastors Subpoenaed in Houston
•Report that the City of Houston subpoenaed pastors’ sermons.
Obama Orders Coffins
•Claim that the Obama administration has ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins.
Ebola Victims Return to Life
•Report that two female Ebola victims resurrected as their corpses were being transported for burial.
Ebola Zombie Photo
•Image purportedly depicts a “captured Ebola victim” who rose from the dead.
Ebola Patent
•Explanation of why the CDC has a patent on Ebola.
Ebola in Chicago
•Report that an Ebola outbreak has killed three people in Chicago
Purple Penguins
•Report that a school district in Lincoln has ordered teachers to use the term “purple penguins” in lieu of gender pronouns.
Ebola Conspiracy in Africa
•Claim that the Ebola virus was invented to rob Africa of her natural resources.
Flashlight App Warning
•Warning that cell phone flashlight apps are secretly tracking users’ data and sending the information to cybercriminals.
Haunted House Chainsaw Massacre
•Report that a man murdered seven people with a chainsaw at a haunted house in California.
Tax Refunds Delayed
•Report that the payment of federal tax refunds for 2014 will be delayed until October 2015.
Woman Buried Alive
•Report that a supposedly deceased Chicago woman was rescued after funeral goers heard screams coming from her grave.
Halloween on Friday the 13th
•Factoid says that in 2014 Halloween falls on Friday the 13th for the first time in 666 years,
Poisonous Black and White Caterpillar
•Warning that black and white caterpillars are poisonous and may cause allergic reactions in people they contact.
TSP in Cereal
•Warning that popular cereals contain trisodium phosphate, or ‘paint thinner.’
Portuguese Barn Find
•Photographs show a barn full of vintage automobiles discovered by the new purchaser of a Portuguese farmhouse.
Ebola in Hair Extensions
•CNN report that Ebola has been found in packages of hair extensions.
•Photograph shows a giant 50-foot crab.
Kim Jong-un Arrested
•Photograph shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un being arrested.
Cell Phone Numbers Given to Telemarketers
•Claim that cell phone providers will soon be releasing customers’ phone numbers to telemarketers.
Spider Lives in Scar
•Claim that a spider lived inside a man’s scar for three days.
Army Dress Code Modified
•Claim that the U.S. Army was pressured to accommodate Muslims by allowing turbans and beards to become a part of their dress code.
In today’s feature article, if you think the weather’s acting strange, you’re correct. (AND THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL THOSE IDIOTIC CLIMATE DENIERS AT SUN NEWS, AND THE REPUBLICANS IN THE STATES!)
Extreme weather in the United States is trending upward according to a range of sources, from the 2014 U.S. National Climate Assessment to the American Meteorological Society.
Human-caused climate change has already been blamed for much of it — most recently in connection with the California drought — but along with extreme weather , the United States is also getting extreme contrasts.
What on Earth is going on when New York gets endless rain and San Francisco none, when one part of the country is freezing and another sees record heat?
Rising temperatures have something to do with it — and here’s how.
1. Rain patterns are changing
2. Rain is more intense.
3. Droughts are taking hold in some areas, while:
4. Floods are also taking hold in other regions.
Intense storms, severe regional drought and heat waves, and extreme flooding led to more than $9 billion in disaster costs, in the United States alone, in 2013. It’s uncertain what the total bill was if one factors-in ongoing agriculture, human health, and infrastructure losses from changing weather conditions.
Unless society curbs emissions of heat-trapping gases, scientists expect these trends to continue and worsen — and the contrast between wet and dry areas of the United States will likely become even sharper. Climate action needs to amp up if we are to finally set ourselves on a better path for the future.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Ya had to be there!

Allan's Perspective



Apparently there are some lines even I wouldn’t cross!
I saw an article about a spider in the news today! (And it did NOT look like this one!)
This thing was in the rain-forest of South America, and was at least a foot across, and it wasn’t one of those skinny things that are all legs …………………, this one was big, and thick, and mean, and hairy, with two big fangs in the front!
And a BIG picture of it!
(The guy who wrote the article said it was the size of a PUPPY!)
Folks, I won’t show you the picture………. bad enough that I’M going to have nightmares, without giving them to everyone else as well!
How about a shaggy dog story instead?

Sarnia, Ontario, just had a Zombie infestation over the weekend!
According to the Perspective Research Department, between 70 – 100 Zombies were seen walking around the downtown core on Sunday Afternoon!
No reports yet on how they managed to get rid of them!
A student gathering at a college in Hampshire got out of hand on Sunday when an impromptu “pumpkin tossing” or “pumpkin chucking” broke out, and then quickly got out of hand.
Dozens were arrested or injured ………….., some both!
Folks, your befuddled and confused reporter is getting further and further behind n the world of technology!
Just found out that if you’re traveling to the States, you can put a digital version of your passport on your I Phone!
NOW, in a world wide (pants) exclusive from the pages of “Gawker” we have this breaking story from the entertainment world!
Tony Mendez, Dave Letterman’s long-time cue card guy, got fired this week when he assaulted the Emmy-nominated staff writer he had been arguing with.
Mendez—who is often featured on the show—told the Post he began arguing with staff writer Bill Scheft as the pair competed for Dave’s affection.
“Bill was always undermining me — making himself out as Dave’s No. 1,” Mendez said. “Trying to pretend that I wasn’t even in the room . . . little passive-aggressive things.”
Things apparently got physical when Mendez saw Dave take Scheft’s side: On Wednesday, Oct. 8, the three were rehearsing in Letterman’s backstage digs at the Ed Sullivan Theater when Mendez said he reacted to one of Scheft’s interruptions, telling him, “I know what I’m doing. Get off my back.”
But suddenly Letterman growled, “Tony, your sour disposition isn’t helping,” Mendez ­recalled.
” ‘You’re the one who has the sour disposition, mothf–ker,’ ” Mendez snapped back.
Still, Mendez said he was hurt by the exchange with his idol and boss of 21 years.
“That night I wanted to tell Dave how much that hurt my feelings,” Mendez said. “And then I realized that this is what Bill was doing. He was trying to create a wedge between us so Dave would think I was an a–hole.”
Mendez said he stewed all night and the next morning, when he got to work, he was literally at Scheft’s throat.
According to the Post, Mendez grabbed Scheft and threw him against a wall before a Thursday taping. He was kicked out of the Ed Sullivan theater that day and formally terminated last Monday.
A representative for Worldwide Pants told Deadline that the company won’t comment on confidential personnel matters, but the Post says Letterman is still giving Mendez full salary and health benefits through the end of the season.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Morning Funnies # 77



Late last fall, the Indians on the Aamjiwnaang First Nation reservation in Grand Bend asked their new chief if the coming winter was going to be cold or mild.
Since he was a chief in a modern society, he had never been taught the old secrets. When he looked at the sky, he couldn’t tell what the winter was going to be like.
Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, he told his tribe that the winter was indeed going to be cold and that the members of the village should collect firewood to be prepared.
But, being a practical leader, after several days, he got an idea.
ATT00002He went to the phone booth, called the Environment Canada Weather Service and asked, ‘Is the coming winter going to be cold?’
‘It looks like this winter is going to be quite cold,’ the meteorologist at the weather service responded.
So the chief went back to his people and told them to collect even more firewood in order to be prepared.
A week later, he called the Environment Canada Weather Service again. ‘Does it still look like it is going to be a very cold winter?’
‘Yes,’ the man at Weather Service again replied, ‘it’s going to be a very cold winter.’
The chief again went back to his people and ordered them to collect every scrap of firewood they could find.
Two weeks later, the chief called the Environment Canada Weather Service again.
‘Are you absolutely sure that the winter is going to be very cold?’
‘Absolutely,’ the man replied. ‘It’s looking more and more like it is going to be one of the coldest winters we’ve ever seen.’
‘How can you be so sure?’ the chief asked.
The weatherman replied, ‘The Indians are collecting a shitload of firewood’

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Saturday Morning Confusion About Censorship!


Dear Readers:

As you know, your often maligned reporter goes on rants and raves about stuff that seems grossly unfair, unjust, or just plain ridiculous.

I have campaigned against the far left, far right, feminists, (especially the femi-nazi’s) special interest groups, animals lovers and vegetarians, bigots, racists, survivalists, cops, minorities, immigrants, liberals and conservatives, lobbyists, big government – including the United States of America, (not the good parts, just the bad!) the war of drugs, RELIGION, (and that includes cults and sects too) and just about anything else ya can name that goes under the heading of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!”.

Yup, I’ve commented on them all at one time or another!


Because I thought this was a free country, that’s why!

Then I got THIS in the mail.
This message is to alert you that one of your websites is not currently in compliance with our AdSense program policies and as a result, ad serving has been disabled to your website.
Issue ID#: 28979302
Ad serving has been disabled to:

So, out of the 150,000 people who read these pages every month, there was one, or perhaps a couple, who disagreed with me and reported as being politically incorrect ………, and against all things that are good and decent!

In other words folks, I was poisoning our ‘precious bodily fluids!’ (Thank you Dr. Strangelove!)

The end result was that Google cut off all my advertising because I wasn’t a good little boy ……, and I lost an important supplement to my pension.

I now have to rely on the kindness of other people, and if you think you can help, even if it’s only with moral support, please go to:


Allan’s Perspective
Dear Readers;I should warn you from the get-go that this article will not be politically correct or even nice!
It might even border on the racist and elitist according to some, but I am going to say things that need to be said!
Ya see, these last few weeks is one of those periods where things have not been going well, so as a result ………., all the stuff that bugs me about society, and people in general, has been bubbling in the back of my brain.
I decided to let it all out, and see if this exorcises some demons for me!
Here goes in no particular order!
-First is PEOPLE in general. I can’t figure out why there are so many smart individuals and yet people in general are complete idiots! (Or is it people in general are smart, but individuals are real morons?)
-RELIGION. This should be lumped in with ‘people’ but let’s give it a separate category. There is an old saying of mine: “Tell people something enough times, with enough conviction, and they will believe just about anything! (Or just tell them what they want to hear!)This applies to followers of the “Bible,” the “Torah,” and the “Qur’an,” Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Scientologists, and just about any other belief system you care to name.
Now don’t get me wrong folks, I am not an atheist, and believe there is some sort of God, because this Universe couldn’t have just popped up out of nothing, for no reason, in spite of what some self-proclaimed “know-it-all’s” like Christopher Hitchens, Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins say!
Matter of fact, it might be a good idea for you to read my book “The Plain Truth About God” ( ) because, although it doesn’t tell you who, or why, God IS, it certainly tells you what God ISN’T!
-RACISM, Folks, I am not going to come right out and say some races are better than others, because Dr. Phillip Rushton of the University of Western Ontario here in London tried that, and it raised a stink heard around the world.(You might remember he said Orientals are smarter than Caucasians, on average, and Caucasian are smarter than blacks, on average, while blacks are less inhibited than Caucasians, who are less inhibited than Orientals ……., on average!)
NO, I’m not going to touch that with a ten foot pole, but I will tell you with all certainty that CULTURES are not created equal.
Just as “not all people are created equal” and all individuals have a certain lifespan, this also apples to different cultures around the globe as well! There are good cultures and bad cultures, smart cultures and stupid cultures, aggressive and passive cultures, long and short lived cultures, happy and depressed cultures and serious and funny cultures.
Yup, a culture is in most ways the same as an individual kids, they’re like a box of chocolates, and ya never know what yer gonna get!
-POLITICS. Since I try and stay in the “sane center” of politics and I can’t decide if the “looney left” or “rigid right” is the worst of two evils!
Perhaps the only thing that bugs me more than the Left’s political correctness, is the self assured sense of entitlement the Right has in the belief they have all the answers.
I don’t know how it is in Europe, but over here in North America the Left and the Right are drifting further apart. Ideologically, and in every other aspect, they are becoming more and more constrained and rigid in their viewpoints. (To give yourself a refresher course in how two different groups can look at the same situation from opposite sides, have a look at the movie “The Parallax View!”)
-THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (Robin Williams described the Canada – U.S. relationship as: “Canada is a nice, safe, apartment, situated over top of a meth lab!”)
Folks I gotta tell ya that I have grave concerns here.
While America is still, (in some ways) the greatest country in the world ………………, I wouldn’t live there for a million bucks!
(Wait a minute, let me re-phrase that, I would live there for a million………., because the only way you can live comfortably in that country is if you don’t have money worries!)
The country is divided ideologically…………….., the justice system is out of control with their sentencing guidelines, and the largest prison population in the WORLD…., the “Military Industrial Complex” that Eisenhower warned us about, has pretty well taken over the country ….., Militia’s and gun nuts like the NRA are running rampant …., lobbyists are controlling the government ….., the health-care system sucks compared to any other First World country …., racism is rampant and blacks are to blame for a lot of it!!!!!!(Don’t believe me? Talk to Bill Cosby!)
Religious nuts sway and influence millions of people …………., and of course, the false and outdated concept of “America, right or wrong, love it or leave it!”
-COPS. I have said many times in the past that cops think they are a law onto themselves. They were hired to “enforce ” the law, but the cop culture very quickly teaches them to think they “ARE” the law.
Having each cop forced to wear a personal camera (With drastic penalties if it is “accidentally” turned off) would go a long way toward erasing this problem.
While we are on the subject of cops, why do I get the feeling the States is turning into a police state!
It used to be that if cops had to serve a warrant on somebody they would go up to their door …………………., and knock!
Now they arrive at 3 in the morning driving military assault vehicles, smash down the front door, and have a dozen ‘Gestapo” terrorize whoever is inside!
(And take my word for it folks, the cops think THIS is fun!)
-WOMEN this ‘Femi-Nazi’ thing has got to stop kids …., if women were treated as equal I would have no problem with it, but a lot of the girls are now going for outright superiority, as exemplified by current TV commercials that always show men as being idiots that have to be set straight by the ladies!
(I think it’s the TV commercials that piss me off more than anything!)
Equality is one thing folks, but some of these broads or going for total subjugation of the male half of our species, and nowhere is this more evident than by using the past sins on the part of men to sway the courts and public opinion in favour of the feminists!
-GAYS First of all, the LGBT community comprises about 2-3% of the population, NOT 10 – 12% as they claim. (This is just to make themselves appear more mainstream!)
Second, going for acceptance and equality is OK, but the Gay Agenda is being rammed down our throats in a lot of cases!
The best example of this is the problems they cause Rob Ford every time a Gay Pride parade comes around. They KNOW rob Ford doesn’t go to these things and, that should be OK for them, but instead, they have to make a point of inviting him every year, and then making a big deal of it when he declines ……….., calling him homophobic, etc. etc.
-INDIANS, I could go on and on about what is wrong with the Indians in this country, but the bottom line is what I said about culture in general………, their time is done, and now it’s only a matter of changing ………, or fading away!
-IMMIGRANTS Look boys and girls, they can come her all they want, but leave your problems back on the old country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If ya come here you’re expected to fit in and get along,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in other words ASSIMILATE!
The whole problem can best be described like this: “When my dad brought us to this country we were expected to find out what the rules were, and what our OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITY were! Now, people come to Canada and the first thing they want to know is WHAT THEIR “RIGHTS” ARE!
-MUSLIMS. Part of the problem is the religion, and part of the problem is the culture folks!
This is another subject I could go on and on about, but the more I say, the more defensive they get.
Is it the Islamic fundamentalism or the culture that is causing all the problems……, or is it just that the whole kit-and-caboodle is operating on principals that are about a thousand years out of date!
Whatever the reasons, if current situation doesn’t resolve itself, I can see it escalating into something like another ‘Crusade’ ……….., and this is something the Middle-East can’t win, and we don’t want!
(In other words, Keep your eye on ISIS!)

And there ya have it folks!

I am speaking with what I consider to be a solitary voice in the vast wilderness of political correctness and misguided ideology and belief systems![/quote]If you think you can help, or even lend some moral support, please go to:

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