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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm pissed!


First of all I had a great “Asshole of the Day” but then I got so mad at other things that I forgot who the asshole is. I’ll get back to this one!

Next, whoever it is that occasionally sends me a virus that sneaks into my computer and changes shit without my permission or knowledge, is in dangerous territory!

The latest was a program that I didn’t want, need, or could use, but they snuck it in, changed my homepage and a bunch of other stuff, and then wouldn’t let me remove the sneaky virus.

It then cost me $130 bucks to get rid of the shit you put in my computer! Let me tell you right from the get-go that if I ever find out who you are, I will come over to your place with a bat and destroy every piece of furniture you have, put holes in your walls, and maybe break a leg or two…………………………., do you hear me, you hillbilly!

Next, I am used to those assholes from Nigeria that send me stupid stuff that I am supposed to believe, and then send them money.

Matter of fact, some of them are so creative that they bring a smile to my face.

BUT! Please, oh please, don’t pretend you are the Director of the F.B.I. and you want me to help you catch some bad guys ………………….. for which I can keep part of the loot! And please don’t pretend you’re s hot chick from Upper Slobvodia that saw my picture and wants to give me sex and money!!!!!!!

Also, don’t ask me to send ANY personal information about myself so that you can straighten out your records, or data bank, to serve me better. You can serve me fine if you just fuck off!

Oh yea, the asshole of the day just came back to me!

The wife of Manitoba Senator Rod Zimmer was spared jail time but put on probation for a year and must undergo counselling after pleading guilty today to causing a disturbance on a flight to Saskatoon last month.

Maygan Sensenberger, 23, received a suspended sentence during a court appearance Thursday.

Sensenberger was also accused of uttering threats against her 69-year-old husband, but the Crown withdrew that charge.

Under the terms of her sentence, she must take any counselling required by her probation officer. The Crown prosecutor said that could include addictions counselling, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or anger management classes.

When she was charged, police alleged Sensenberger said she would slit her husband’s throat during the flight.

On Thursday, provincial court Judge Marilyn Gray said she believes much of the disturbance caused on the flight would have been avoided had Sensenberger not been drinking.

Outside court, Sensenberger was hugged by several people ………………., her husband was nearby.