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Monday, 26 November 2012

Decisions, decisions!

Dear Readers;

It's strange, the stuff ya think of when you're driving along a country road and your mind starts to wander! I was listening to a comedy station on the radio and suddenly this thought popped int my head: "Which com├ędienne would I most like to sleep with!

Don't ask me why I thought of this because I don't know kids, it just happened!

(Besides, what chance would I have anyway?)

BUT! Like all good dreamers, I ran with it, and started adding up points!

First of all a lot of them got bounced right off the get go.

Roseanne Bar, Joan Rivers, Wanda Sykes, etc. etc. (Too yappy, too old and yappy, too black and queer and yappy,)
After a great amount of elimination, I was left with two women.

Kathy Griffin and Maria Bamford!

Now I have to tell ya, ladies and gentlemen, that both of these women are very appealling in their own way!

Griffin is a hot redhead and Bamford is a hot blonde.

BUT! (Again) Kathy Griffin is a little too loud, and I like Maria Bamford's looks and humour a little better ................................................ so!

I guess I would go with Maria Bamford.

Now I have to figure out how to let Maria know!