It used to be so simple, ya had your Caucasian,  Negro, Oriental, and Asian
Now the U.S. government has declared that they will not longer use the term “Negro!”
What the hell is the matter with Negro all of a sudden.
Sure we call Negroid people black now, but they`re not really all black…………………., some a sort of grey, some are light or dark brown, and a few really are black.
But they`re not ALL black!
Same as white! We are not all white………, some are sort of reddish, some are pink, some are tanned, some are swarthy, and some ya just don`t know what the hell they are!
All together we are Caucasian.
Orientals can be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or any one of a dozen other groups.
East Indians are sort of Asians, except Columbus thought North American Indians were ASIAN Indians, so now we just call them all Indians and sort it out afterward.
And the rest of the Asians……………………………….. I don`t know about them!
brazillian-hair-bundlesI think it is just everybody else all thrown into a soup!
And then, what`s the deal with the Midgets!
I try and ignore them, but the little bastards keep biting me on the ankle!
One thing I have heard is that in the future, due to interbreeding, the human race will look sort of like the Brazilians do now!
I could live with that!!!!!!!!!!