Let’s put that in plain language we can all understand.

Those assholes at the Toronto Star are a bunch of arrogant, self serving, shameless pricks!

The media certainly has a responsibility to report and comment on stories that affect City business: stories about policies, about his criticisms of the City staff and his numerous court battles are all fair game.

But it seems the media has upped the ante when it comes to Toronto’s mayor.

..By Andy Radia | Canada Politics

As Christie Blatchford of the Postmedia News, notes, there have also been many occasions where Ford has been the subject of gotcha journalism — particularly by the Toronto Star.
Some of the Star’s reporters have not distinguished themselves in their tactics, tailing the mayor to his summer cottage, staking out his backyard at night, being the first to post on its website the spectacularly cruel YouTube footage of Ford, while on a celebrated and unsuccessful diet, grabbing some Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Whether it’s because he’s an unsympathetic figure or because there’s a large contingent of Torontonians who are still fighting the last election, I think there are too many instances where he has been treated unfairly.

Listen to this Star reporter during what was supposed to be a press conference honouring George Chuvalo!