On the one hand there is enough circumstantial evidence, including that ass grabbing a week or two ago, that the rotund one is a piss tank!

On the other hand, you’ve got the left wing media, with the Toronto Star leading the charge:
Quickly ducking into his office Tuesday morning, the mayor uttered a brief denial to the Toronto Star‘s report that he was “intoxicated” at a military ball, was asked to leave and his staff has tried to get him into rehab.
“It’s nonsense,” Mayor Ford said to the many reporters camped outside his office Tuesday morning when asked if was kicked out the military ball.
Ford did not respond to another question asking if he had a drinking problem.
“For the record, the mayor was not asked to leave the gala,” Ford’s press secretary George Christopoulos said later.
His brother, Councillor Doug Ford, “absolutely” denied the allegations that the mayor has a drinking or drug problem after the Toronto Star reported the “intoxicated” mayor was asked to leave a military ball and his inner circle asked him to enter rehab.

“We’re fed up. We’re fed up with certain media outlets in the city. It’s a non-stop witch hunt. The Toronto Star has five, six people, they’ve got private investigators, they have W5 chasing us around. The Globe and Mail went out and called probably 60 to 70 people I went to high school with. They went to the point of driving close to three hours to Chatham to meet someone I went to high school with thirty years ago, to try to dig up dirt. You got to be kidding me,” Doug Ford said.
Listen bunky, this will play itself out in the next little while, but for now the question is …………………., is he IS, or is he ISN’T?