I had one of the old Blackberry Bold, or Curve, or Pasticcio, but the damned thing kept pocket dialing people on me.

(It was usually people I didn’t like, or didn’t want to talk to!)

1144045-Cartoon-Of-A-Chorus-Line-Of-Naked-Men-Dancing-The-Can-Can-Royalty-Free-Vector-ClipartGod knows I hung on as long as I could for the new Z10, but sometime in the fall I got a cheap Samsung that only received calls and text messages.

Well kids, today I went out a got myself a new Blackberry Z10, ……………………………. and it was worth the wait!

Oh, I have to watch a few video’s to find out whether to swipe left or right, or up or down, but other than that it seems to be a nice little toy.

As long as this one doesn’t call people I don’t want to talk to, everything will be fine!