If ya haven’t heard yet folks, Sarah Thomson claimed that Mayor Rob Ford grabbed her ass during a photo shot on Thursday evening.
imagesCAAEIDTGNever mind that she chose International Woman’s Day to reveal it, never mind that she is a political rival of Ford’s, never mind that she won’t go to the cops, but went to every talk show and newspaper in town, and never mind that she is an opportunist of the worst kind!
All the evidence suggests that it’s bullshit!
Oh, all the Socialists, and the women reporters claim otherwise…………….., but ya can’t discount the fact that she was also overheard saying that she was going to set Ford up!
Unfortunately, all ya need is someone to say so, and that’s good enough for a lot of people!
(And by the way, it’s not just coincidence that ‘ass’ is the first part of “assault!”)