This is supposed to be International Happy Day too but your beleaguered reporter is not feeling’ very joyous in this weather.
As the saying goes “the first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another.”
Canadians from coast to coast have been waiting patiently to put away their parkas and put on their spring jackets, but weather forecasters say that may not be for a while.
The official change of season to spring will be at 7:02 ET Wednesday. However, there will be no winners or losers in the weather game of chance as all Canadians will face equally miserable weather.
According to David Phillips, a climatologist with Environment Canada, spring has not sprung anywhere across the nation.
“If we sent out search parties for spring, we would not find hide nor hair of it,” Phillips said. “Everyone is in misery, and everyone has a cross to bear.”
According to Phillips, the weather on the first day of spring will be miserable across the country. Every region will be either windy, rainy, wet, snowy, drifty, blowy or there will be a big snow dump to clean up.
The frosty temperatures are coming from an air stream arriving from Alaska and Russian Siberia — a complete turnaround from last year when Canada experienced record-breaking temperatures in March. Last year’s pleasant refuge from winter came thanks to an air stream from the southern United States.
The weather Canadians are experiencing in March 2012 is, according to Phillips, historically quite normal and unremarkable.
“Compared to last year, it’s a good old fashioned winter,” he said. “It’s not a conspiracy or end of climate change, it’s just the kind of spring closer to normal than last year.”
Though the winter weather may have begun around Halloween, it’s showing no signs of letting up until after Easter.
Forecasters are calling for a warm April and a warmer than average summer.
On the West Coast, Vancouver will be ringing in spring with days of cold rain.

Another guy who isn’t too happy is a Texan (who shall remain nameless) who was in town for the International Figure Skating Championship, which was held here in London last week!
When this guy went to fly out of London on Monday Morning, security personnel found a loaded handgun in his carry on luggage and immediately arrested him!
Seems the idiot didn’t know handguns were illegal here in Canada, and it somehow wasn’t discovered by U.S. security when he flew up here last week.
(That’s right folks, he was flying around the security nuts United States with a loaded handgun!)
Poor slob spent the night in jail, and after pleading stupidity, and saying he was sorry, the guy was allowed to return home yesterday………………, without the gun!
Just heard that Andy Dick sobered up enough to be on Dancing With the Stars this week!
This should be interesting!
There is something about Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, etc., etc., that never sat quite right with me, and I just realized what it is!
All these social sites were designed by genius nerds who were themselves socially inept, so it's no wonder they seemed to have something missing, or wrong with them!
AND FINALLY………. see that guy up in the picture up top?
That’s Chuck Norris after he shaved of his beard over the weekend.