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Friday, 19 April 2013

Another strike against Islam!

Dear Readers:
Lots of stuff happening between going to bed and getting up this morning kids!
Seems it was two brothers from Chechnya that did the dirty deed in Boston and we are slowly starting to get more information on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19  and his older (and dead)  brother, Tamerlan, 26.
YES, they are Muslims, and YES, it was a terrorist act.
BUT! Was it a religiously motivated attack?
We don’t know yet, and it has still to shake itself out, BUT, everyone will surely assume that it was religious in origin.
This brings us to the question of why it is always Muslims who immediately get blamed for  this sort of thing boys and girls.
Oh, you will get the usual left wing crowd saying that it is the radicals and extremists who are perpetrating these foul acts, and that’s absolutely true …………………!
BUT, looking further into the problem, one has to realize that there is something fundamentally wrong with Islamic intolerance and rigidity that brings out this abhorrent behaviour in people and is painting the entire group in a negative light.
Don’t get me wrong folks, Christianity suffered from the same excesses during it’s tumultuous history, but we outgrew those tendencies for the most part. (Except in some isolated pockets of the American South!
NO, it’s factions of Islam that are still stuck in the seventh century, led by Imams that have declared war against the rest of society that are the problem!
The whole religion needs to be overhauled by some sort of ‘Reformation,’ and modernization, the same as Christianity went through folks, or it is eventually going to self destruct ......... and it might take us with it!
Allan W Janssen