The RCMP say a 22-year-old man interrupted two intruders in his home on Thursday and was struck on the head with a crowbar.
Despite the attack, the victim managed to fight off his assailants, who escaped.
The investigation led police to another home where they discovered an amount of marijuana and 8,000 cookies, thought to be loaded with pot.
Now police say two women in the second home, along with the man assaulted in the original attack, are facing drug charges.
The Mounties are still searching for the two men behind the home invasion.
SNOW, for God’s sake folks, this is the third week of APRIL…………………. S.W. Ontario is supposed to be the warmest spot in Canada outside of Southern B.C.
C’mon Global Warming!
In response to my post yesterday “Another strike against Islam?” we got this letter:
Hello, you wrote an interesting post. I just want to let you know that as a Muslim women, I find nothing wrong with Islam. Islam is a such a beautiful religion and it’s sad that it is being so misrepresented. In Islam “to kill ONE innocent life is as if you killed all of humanity” is a quote from Prophet Muhammad. I just want to ask you to please at least learn about Islam and do not look at peoples actions. There are 1.6 billions Muslims in the world and It’s not surprising your going to get some crazy people out of the bunch. at btw bombings happen all the time around the world only the ones that involve Muslims are so highlighted. Peace
Sorry lady, but we believe that there is something inherently wrong with the whole philosophy of Islam.
Unlike Christianity, which is based on the concept of “Love,” Islam was born out of violence and strife and perpetrated in that manner as well.
Here are two quotes from my book: “A Brief History of What Went Wrong With Western Religion,” or “The Plain Truth About God!”

What He did say was pure and simple and straight to the point, “Love one another!” This sort of Love is not the altruistic love of humanity, nor the possessive love for our mate, but rather something that requires hard work, tenacity, and sacrifice. It is easy to love your wife or husband, child or parent, but to Love your neighbour (or stranger) is a task that is never ending and always requires effort.
It is a Love that seems to have no immediate benefit and is therefore not practiced by many people. However, in the end, this is what will make Humanity rise up to it is potential and approach what Jesus referred to as the “Kingdom of God (The Father).” This is not something that is to be expected in the near, or far, future. Rather, it was a state of being that is present at this time, and only has to be observed and followed in order to achieve a state of Grace.


One of the facts that we have to consider is that the main driving force behind Islam is that it was bound up in war and aggression from its very inception. As a result, no matter how close or far from the intended message of the Koran it was, portions of it were always used to justify an Arab extremist and expansionist view. History has now given us an almost unbroken string of militant Islamic movements from the “Assassins” of the 11th-12th century to the Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers.
By the way folks, if you want a FREE copy of this book, write to me at:
Speaking of Islam and the Boston bombing, investigators had a mountain of pictures and video’s from the area around the blast and some reports said it would have taken one person over five years to view it all ………………………….., so they did some very interesting computer work to sort the mess out!
Stuff like: “Show us all the video’s and pictures that have a guy with a white baseball cap in them!”
Meanwhile, A Toronto aunt of Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said she doesn’t believe her nephews could be behind the attacks.
“I know them as angels,” Maret Tsarnaev told the National Post in Toronto. “I’m suspicious that this was staged.”
In a press conference later aired by CNN, she reiterated her suspicions and said she has doubts about the photos released by the FBI that show her nephews at the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday. She also said she has doubts about the story behind the 9-11 attacks. The suspects’ father told CNN Friday that he believed they were “framed.”
Project1The message was starkly different from that delivered by one of the brothers’ uncles, who said in a press conference on Friday afternoon that the two men had brought shame upon their family. Ruslan Tsarni speculated that his nephews were “losers” who were angry that they didn’t fit in, though he said he had not been in touch with the family for years.
(B.T.W. This is a Google picture of the house where the younger brother was holed up in a boat at the rear of the driveway!)
ON THE OTHER HAND……………! Glenn Beck is still convincedas of this morning — that the SAUDI NATIONAL (who’s already been cleared) he fingered earlier this week is up to his Saudi ears in the Boston bombings, along with those nice Chechen boys. And that everybody will be fired. And that the president will be impeached.
Boy we sure will have egg on our face when the FBI explains that despite the fact that they already found the dudes, who have been cold murdering cops and throwing bombs out of stolen SUVs, that it was really Glenn’s Saudi guy all along. Man, how embarrassed we are going to be.

imagesCARDWSU7Because of all the news about Chechnya this week, I instructed the Perspective Research Department and Naked News staff to look into the region …………, and apparently it’s no different that then “Baltics” in Europe!
(Europe always has trouble in the Baltic’s, and Russia has it in Chechnya!)
“Shit happens” Comes to mind!
Describing himself as a man of his word, embattled Conservative Senator Mike Duffy says he has repaid more than $90,000 in Senate housing expenses.
He has also been denied entry to the Parliamentary Cafeteria!
A Fredericton travel agent was in the Boston area with 40 tourists as a massive manhunt was underway for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.
Tom McGinn said his tour group woke up on Friday morning to news that police were searching for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, in an area about 10 kilometres from their hotel, and they were locked in for the day.