(Maybe the perfect age, according to Jack Benny is 39!)
Lately, I find my mental age is slowly catching up with my physical age, and there was ample proof of that this morning when I sat at this keyboard and thought about an April Fools joke to play on everyone!
dancing8After a few minutes of thought I suddenly had the realization that playing a joke on my readers was sort of juvenile, if not childish, and I had better things to do.
April Fools Day is in the domain of childhood boys and girls, and I left that behind a long time ago.
But then again………………., if I can’t maintain a childhood innocence any more, maybe I’m just an old April Fool myself!
I will leave it up to you to decide if this story from Associated Press is real or not!
Flea Circus Wiped Out!
Germany Frozen FleasBERLIN—An entire troupe of performing fleas has fallen victim to the freezing temperatures currently gripping Germany.
Flea circus director Robert Birk says he was shocked to find all of his 300 fleas dead inside their transport box Saturday morning.
The circus immediately scrambled to find and train a new batch so it could fulfill its engagements at an open-air fair in the western town of Mechernich-Kommern.
Michael Faber, who organizes the fair, told The Associated Press that an insect expert at a nearby university was able to provide 50 fleas in time for the first show Sunday.
Faber says he hopes they’ll “get through this without any more fatalities.”
Birk said it was the first time his circus had lost all of its fleas to the cold in one go.
(April Fool’s – IT’S TRUE!)

O.K……………….. ONE MORE!
You remember P.E.T.A. that People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals group that advocates for animal rights?
WELL, listen to this bunky!
Some 14 year old kid on a farm wanted to raise money for a class trip or something, and decided to auction of one of his cows!
PETA got their underwear in a knot over over this and did their usual asinine, idiotic, stupid bullshit stuff!

TRUE OR NOT?………………………………………………… TRUE!

Now I don't like Bill O'Reilly, but this time I have to agree with him!