I don’t know how many time I’ve said that I don’t like the left wingers, but apparently it’s not enough for the message to sink in.

Never mind the Political Correctness, and all the other bullshit they come up with ……………………., this time they’ve gone too far!

OTTAWA — A New Democrat MP’s writings that praise communist activists and criticize Canada’s participation in the First World War have sparked outrage. Writing on a left-wing Quebec blog, Alexandre Boulerice mocked the conflict as “a purely capitalist war on the backs of the workers and peasants.” “The only ones to have refused this butchery, to have rejected the call of the ‘sacred union’ within each nation, were communist activists,” Boulerice wrote in an April 10, 2007 posting on Presse-toi à gauche (Hurry to the left). Boulerice also sniped at Canadian soldiers involved in the Battle of Vimy Ridge with his claim that “thousands of poor wretches were slaughtered to take possession of a hill.” Almost 3,600 Canadians died in the battle to take the strategic Vimy Ridge from heavily entrenched German forces on April 9, 1917.

I hate to say: “I told you so,” folks, but these assholes just keep proving over and over again that I’m right about them!