Oprah Winfrey has a new anti-aging something or other that she is flogging ……., and some bunch of crazies are up in arms, or should we say “in a flap!” (The flap in question is the foreskin of a baby.)

Yep, you heard right: CAN-FAP, which opposes baby circumcision, is protesting Winfrey’s appearance. The reason? The talk show host’s endorsement of SkinMedica — namely, TNS Essential Serum, an anti-aging product that Winfrey calls her “fountain of youth” and allegedly uses skin cells sourced from baby foreskin. The product sells for a whopping $260 per ounce.
Even though the cell sample was taken from a discarded baby foreskin over twenty years ago, these people are still upset about the whole thing and cut to the quick about it!

This whole thing doesn’t make much sense to me since it was the baby that had the cut quick, not the protesters!