This B.C. town, which shall remain anonymous to save embarrassing the sober part of town,  got a handle in its drunk driving problem, but now there seems to be an abundance of drunk walkers staggering around at all times of the day and night.
The proposed ban would bring a ticket costing up to $200.00 for anyone strolling around after too much booze. Seems local authorities are getting tired of finding people passed out in alleyways and behind stores.
Some city council members are convinced the proposed law will help keep the community safe……………….., but not everyone agrees.
imagesCATBO7UWOne councilor told a gathered crowd the law is needed because “our Municipal Code doesn’t have a lot of teeth in it. It’s like my dog. He has very few teeth left and if he bites you, you probably wouldn’t even know it,”
Another councilor said: “I understand people can be a menace, but there’s got to be other ways to handle it than outlawing drunk walking.”
There will be a public hearing on the amendment, which would also put more stringent penalties on littering and selling cigarettes to minors.
Seems anyone left standing at the conclusion of the meeting will be considered in favour of the motion!