Aside from being a hotbed of Political Correctness, Socialism, Feminism, Trade Unions, The Welfare State, Anti-Globalization Movement, Environmental Concerns, Marxism, Global Warming, Anti-Colonial, Anti-Clerical, Civil Rights, Multiculturalism, etc. etc.etc, they are slowly turning out to be Anti-Christian and Anti-Israeli.

Not all of them, mind you ...., but enough!
On the one hand, we have student unions up in arms in Toronto:

74416-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Pleasantly-Plump-Woman-Covering-Her-Nude-BodyThe student union at York University in Toronto has voted, by a margin of 18-2, to endorse the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement against Israel — a gesture that follows on BDS votes by several other Canadian university student unions. The result is entirely symbolic: The student union has no power to compel the university (or any other entity) to boycott Israel — and York, properly, has no plans to do so. Nevertheless, the decision by York’s Federation of Students has succeeded in bringing the whole issue of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions back into the news, if only for a day or two.And so, before York’s student-federation activists go back to debating issues that actually affect the lives of the students they purport to represent, let’s indulge them by asking the question: What exactly is the state of the anti-Israel BDS movement?
As it happens, there is a web page that exhaustively tracks BDS achievements. It contains such triumphal entries as “Andreas Oberg, Swedish guitarist, cancels gig in Tel Aviv, heeding BDS activists’ appeals,” and “Ten talented young harpists bow out of the International Harp Contest.” But for the most part, the entries consist of gestures similar to the York student-federation vote, which is to say: rhetorical attacks from activist groups, unions and academic organizations with no power to influence trade policy.

Then there was a reasonable bunch out West!

In what B’nai Brith called a “precedent setting move,” the University of Manitoba Students Union voted Thursday to strip the group Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) of official club status.
The motion bars SAIA from receiving student union funding or using activity space in student-union controlled buildings.
The motion was adopted despite an opinion by the student union’s lawyer, who argued that it could leave the union open to litigation.
imagesCARDWSU7“However, council disagreed with the advice provided by our legal counsel and voted by 19 to 15 to support the resolution,” said Bilan Arte, president of the students union.
SAIA, a group with campus branches across Canada, annually organizes Israeli Apartheid Week, a weeklong series of events calling for economic, diplomatic and even academic sanctions against the Jewish state.
The two-page resolution justified the delisting of SAIA under the terms of the Manitoba Human Rights Code, claiming that the group was guilty of “discrimination” and “harassment.”
The document also claimed that certain student union members “being Zionists, experience fear for their safety during  ‘Israeli Apartheid Week.’”
The student union’s legal opinion countered that “the actions of SAIA were well within the grounds of legally protected and acceptable political discourse” and the motion could put the students union “at a significant risk of committing a breach of [their] legal obligations,” said Ms. Arte.
Look folks, sure your humble servant is against these left wing idiots because of their stance against Israel, but I would still dislike them if for no other reason than they are the one’s who started this whole Politically Correct thing ……………………, and Feminism!

Yup, if it was just for those two reasons alone, I would want nothing to do with them!

Allan W Janssen

These left wing assholes keep running down the Israelis, but if they were suddenly thrust into the real world, who would they want on their side, The Palestinians?  ………….. Or The Jews?

Oh, I know that the Jews are NOT blameless by a long shot, but just the same, I know who I would want go with!

Israel is not “the Jews” and maybe you haven’t realized this yet but North American Jews are over 70% liberal. The younger generations want nothing to do with Israel. And please do not allude to conservatives or Christians as Israel supporters. Only a very small minority fundaMENTAList cult with a very loud voice (unfortunately) supports Israel like that. Israel is a parasite to US taxpayers who get nothing in return. They don’t want to concede any of the land they stole and just make excuses while using their superior (US-bought) military might to kill innocent people. When the people resist they call it terror and play the victim which is absurd. When the people don’t resist out of fear, Israeli Mossad dresses up as Palestinians and attacks Israel. This has been going on for decades. They aren’t even really Jews, most are Soviet immigrants who faked Jewishness in order to leave the USSR.

Anybody who stands with the modern state of Israel is an enemy to freedom and an enemy to Jesus Christ. God hates the modern state of Israel and all of its useful idiot cheerleaders. Stop calling Israel the Jewish state, many if not most Jews want nothing to do with it or are in the process of divorce.