CBC News has learned that two Canadians linked to al-Qaeda and killed while staging a bloody attack on an Algerian gas refinery earlier this year were former high school friends in their early 20s, one from a Greek Orthodox family, and both from a comfortable middle-class London, Ont., neighbourhood.


And not just any neighbourhood kids……………………., MY NEIGHBOURHOOD!

Now sources tell CBC News there may have been more than just the duo.
Sources say at least two more former London schoolmates of Katsiroubas and Medlej also travelled overseas with them.
But it is not yet clear whether the others are still alive, nor if they were involved in the Algerian gas plant attack.
A former London friend of the two men said one of their relatives called the police, complaining they were “hanging around with weirdos.” He says a CSIS agent subsequently interviewed a number of their friends.

Intelligence sources say CSIS did not have the two men and their other friends under surveillance when they left Canada sometime last year on their ultimately bloody mission.

A former friend says that at some point in those teenage years, Katsiroubas converted to Islam.
One former school acquaintance who ran into Katsiroubas in 2009 recalls “it was really hard to relate to him at that point. He wasn’t the same. He had other interests – kept saying let’s go to the mosque.
“It wasn’t that he wanted to take me there. It was that he wanted to go there and he thought a couple of hours spent with me (catching up) was probably a waste of time.”
(London is also the home of dentist Bilal Philips who acknowledges that sharia commands the killing of homosexuals and hopes for the day that it will be applied in Canada.)

Shortly after they left high school, Medlej and Katsiroubas and another friend travelled out West, did some odd jobs, and finally returned to London within six months.
Medlej apparently got married sometime after 2009.
The next time most of their former school friends heard about Medlej and Katsiroubas again was about two months ago after the attack on the Algerian gas plant.

CSIS agents were back asking questions again.

See the complete story: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/canadians-algerian-gas-plant-attack-identified-024846486.html