-Kim Jong-un settled down a bit after being presented with a lifetime pass to Disneyland  (As reported FIRST here on BlogsCanada.ca and Allan’s Perspective) but there are still threats and innuendo coming out of North Korea for the time being!
-Maggie Thatcher died, but the old broad was 87, demented, incontinent and drooling, so that’s not really news. (Besides, everybody and his brother covered this!)
-Some hooker / porn star named Jenna Jameson was charged with battery over the weekend after police said she assaulted someone.
The incident took place on Saturday evening and I didn’t give a shit for two reasons:
1. I never heard of her, and:
2. If she is such a big fucking (pun intended) porn star, why didn’t anyone include a picture of her like we did here?
dfs-Wesley Snipes was released from prison, even though I had completely forgotten that he was in there for a bunch of tax stuff!
The only thing I found that caught my fancy was the case of Thomas Bailey, a transsexual man wh0 kept his female reproductive organs and then went on to have a baby with his wife. (?)
(This was a few years ago!)
First of all they had him as the father, and then changed him to being the “mother” since he carried the baby.
His ‘wife’ was also listed as ……, first the mother, then the father, then indeterminate!
With me so far?
Well NOW, he and his partner are being refused a divorce because nobody can figure out who is who!
There, that should be enough to keep ya wondering for the day!