A couple of celebrity notes today! (Even though we are not a celebrity rag)

Justin Bieber put his foot in a cow patty over the weekend.

It was a very unfortunate remark, but this proves that Justin is still a kid who sometimes says inappropriate things without thinking them through!

untitledhyngI suspect he was trying to say that he hoped she had something in an otherwise terrible life that gave her a bit of joy, but instead it came off as being self-centered and egotistical!
On a different note, Lindsay Lohan just refuses to go away folks!

I don’t know if it is just a fascination with watching someone self-destruct, or an unhealthy fixation on the bad boys and girls of the entertainment industry, but if that’s the case we have two for the price of one!

Lindsay will be on Charlie Sheen’s “anger management” show this week, (As herself) and If ya want to catch it ………, tune in to CTV tonight, or FX on Thursday!