Me and a few of the boys I worked with during my broadcasting days were sitting around shooting the breeze last week when I told then how I got started in the radio business.

I was taking the greyhound bus home to Rosebank (In Pickering) one day when I ran into a girl who was doing some TV work for the CBC.

Her name was Belinda J. Montgomery, and since we hit it off pretty good, she invited me down to pick her up later that week at the CBC studio’s where she was working.

On the day in question I arrived early and watched them tape some of the show she was doing ……………, which got me interested in broadcasting in general, and being a D.J. in particular.

Even though Belinda eventually  moved to California, I still had a desire to get into broadcasting, and applied at the CBC for an announcers job.

(I don’t know how the interview and audition went, but since I was not gay, and I voted Conservative, they didn’t see too much of a future for me there!)

So I went a got a job at a small radio station in Oshawa.

One thing led to another and I ended up working in Toronto and Vancouver, and doing national commercial and voice-over work, but to this day I still remember my first audition, and the thrill of stuttering and stammering my way through a script for the sake of being an “entertainer.”

And Belinda, you ask?

She went on to carve out a respectable career for herself in Hollywood!

(Good for her!)

Now, even though I worked at CFGM and CKFH Toronto, CKLW Windsor and CKLG Vancouver I still had my idols, The Real Don Steele who was at KHJ and KRLA Los Angeles, Cousin Brucie and Chuck Leonard at WABC, John “Records” Landecker at WLS and a few others were the cream of the crop in “top 40″ radio. It was during the 60′s and 70′s that these guys achieved cult status in the radio business!

Here are the guys I wanted to be like …………………………., I just wish I had their talent!