Reese Witherspoon is embarrassed about getting drunk and rowdy last weekend, but she is such a sweetheart that she has already been forgiven!  BUT, to let ya know just how crazy this whole celebrity thing has gotten, Kim Kardashian made the news today just because she felt her baby “kick!”
“Now I think I’m past all the awkward phases and stages, and once you feel the baby kick it’s a whole new experience,” Kardashian said Monday while attending the E! Network Upfront in New York. “I finally really embrace it. I love it now, but it took a minute. It was a lot, you know, a lot of body changes and stuff.”
Next thing ya know someone will make the news because they burped or farted in public!
Just a short note to the person putting commercials on the beginning of video clips I want to watch. I will grudgingly tolerate a 15 second commercial, but anything longer than that and you’ve lost me.
I think most people feel this way!
Terror suspect Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev was charged on Monday with two federal counts of using a weapon of mass destruction to kill, injure and cause widespread damage at the Boston Marathon a week ago. If convicted, the 19-year-old could face the death penalty.
Investigators are now trying to figure out how they got them out of Iraq and into the States ………………!
(Iran is suspected.)
A lot of people are starting to say that a 48 game hockey season is a lot more civilized. After all, who wants to be watching playoffs on Labout Day weekend!
Toronto police and the Canadian Bankers Association are offering up to $100,000 for any tips leading to the arrest and conviction of two men who robbed a TD Bank branch, where two people were injured by gunshots.
imagesToronto police released video and photo images of the two men Monday afternoon as they continue a widespread hunt.
The men, believed to be carrying a rifle and semi-automatic handgun, entered the 2555 St. Clair Ave. West branch shortly after noon, while it was busy with staff and customers.
They demanded patrons comply with their orders as the pair took over the bank, vaulting counters and removing money.
A customer tackled one of the robbers and placed him in a headlock. One of the robbers shot at him and instead struck a 22-year-old female employee’s left leg.
When the robbers retreated from the bank, the same customer chased them into the parking lot where he sustained a gunshot to his abdomen.
“Bravest guy I’ve ever met in my life,” one witness told CBC News.
The man is in serious condition and underwent surgery last night, said Earl. He injured his diaphragm and bowels, and doctors completely removed his spleen.
Doctors removed a bullet from the bank employee’s thigh yesterday. Both victims are expected to survive.…1319.5538.0.7577.…0.0…1ac.1.9.img.UrtCqqSo-mc
Folks, I love the people of Edmonton, but sometimes ya really have to wonder about them!
Almost a thousand people went to see a flower that is famous for smelling bad!

Muttart Conservatory staff spent $5,000 on their stinky new princess, but when the parking lot filled up and admission lines backed up Monday they knew they would easily make the money back.
More than 600 people passed through the doors within the first three hours of Putrella’s grand display. By supper time, the admission line stretched out to the parking lot.
The Muttart extended its hours to 11 p.m. Monday to accommodate more visitors and is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday.
“It’s beautiful; it’s enormous,” said Paula Hagey, who stopped at 1 p.m. to see the flower bloom and planned to come back again with her eight-year-old son after school.
“We just don’t get to see this often,” she said. “This is unique, special.”
“A friend of mine told me it’s the first time it’s bloomed in Western Canada, so I just had to go,” said her sister, Johana Salinas. She had been watching for updates on Facebook.
The corpse flower is the world’s largest bloom and is best known for its smell, a scent that resembles rotten meat. It can spread that scent up to 30 metres, attracting carrion beetles and flesh flies to help spread its pollen.
EDJN_20130423_Final_A1_113218_I001Muttart gardener Sarah Birmingham knew it was blooming Monday morning the minute she opened the tropical pyramid door. “It smelled like a diaper pail or hot garbage. It made me tear up a little,” she said.
“It’s kind of like if you left a diaper pail in the garage at 30 C and then took the lid off,” said her boss, James McIvor, who made the decision to buy the plant.
All the world-famous gardens have them, he said, citing gardens in Bonn, Germany, the New York Botanical Garden and the Kew Gardens in England. He searched for years to find a supplier, finally tracking down a retired doctor in Boston who grows them as a hobby.
The $5,000 cheque got them the large 275-pound bulb that is now flowering today, along with several little ones.
But the flower is only expected to last until about Wednesday morning. Then the plant will go dormant again for several years.
That old saying: “There is something rotten in Denmark” only applies if Denmark is a suburb of Edmonton!

Sun News Network is set to make its case later today to the federal broadcast regulator that it should be included in every basic cable and satellite package across Canada.
The Quebecor-owned news channel is seeking what is known as mandatory carriage from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
Mandatory carriage would generate significant revenue for the network, which is proposing that it would earn 18 cents a month from every household that subscribes to a basic cable or satellite package.
That would help offset the network’s losses, which were $17 million in 2012 — a situation that Quebecor (TSX:QBR.B) calls “clearly unsustainable.”
Sun News Network says the current distribution agreements are inadequate to support the channel, which is only offered in 40 per cent of households.
It says these distribution challenges also hurt advertising revenues.
The only problem is that a lot of the regulators are left wing………………………..!