Just like the Republicans are making a big deal out of Benghazi in the States, so too are the Liberals and New Democrats making a big deal about the whole Mike Duffy thing here in Canada!
The funny thing is that they are both “non-issues!”
4162-Naked-Man-Wearing-A-Wooden-Barrel-Around-His-Waist-ClipartManufactured stuff to make political hay and mislead the population.
Take Mike Duffy. (Please)
The issue in question here is how the ninety grand got repaid!  (Why he has to repay the money is a whole separate issue, that doesn’t concern us here!)
The long and short of the whole matter is that Mike agreed to pay back ninety thousand bucks, but didn’t have the cash sitting around in the bank………………….,  so a friend of his lent/gave him the money! End of Story kids! Nothing illegal, nothing improper, no one gets hurt.
To listen to the Liberals and NDP describe it this is the greatest scandal to hit Ottawa in years!  I’m hearing words like “illegal” “unethical” “police investigation” “bribery” “back room dealings” and “corruption,” when in actual fact a private individual, not the PMO, helped Mike Duffy out financially for money he was on the hook for!
That should be the end of it, but we all know damned well it won’t be!