Walter Finley says the RM of Glenwood is unhappy with the Manitoba government, especially a new policy that would merge small RMs. (Regional Municipality)
Finley said he believes people would be better off with Saskatchewan. “When you figure in the difference in the tax rates, the PST is going up, etc.., etc.., people are just getting really fed up with being ignored by Winnipeg,” Finlay said Wednesday.
He said his RM has a lot in common with Saskatchewan. “We have potash on the western part of the province,” Finley said, adding he believes Manitoba’s government has not shown an interest in developing that resource.
He said his government’s plan for amalgamation would end up costing his RM.
(Folks, this makes about as much sense as I did a few days ago when I said that I wanted to open up a joint chequing account with someone who has lots of money!)
imagesCARDWSU7The much-anticipated Spice Girls musical “Viva Forever” will close June 29 after a disappointing six-month run in London.  Producer Judy Craymer said Thursday that despite improvements to the show “we just can’t make it work.”
Who the hell did these people thing they were ……………….., ABBA?
Mamma Mia!
Just like the Muslims who don’t help their cause, so to do the French do themselves a disservice!
untitledRemember the names Michel and Lynda Thibodeau……………, they filed eight complaints with the official languages commissioner over the English-only services they say they received from Air Canada during trips taken between January and May, 2009.
The Federal Court awarded the couple $12,000 in compensation for the times Air Canada did not serve them in French.
Air Canada was also ordered to apologize to the Thibodeaus.
(Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many French Airlines are being sue by passengers because they couldn’t be served in English!!!!!!!!!!)
In 2000, Thibodeau was refused service in French when he tried to order a 7Up from a unilingual English flight attendant on an Air Ontario flight from Montreal to Ottawa.
Thibodeau filed suit in Federal Court for $525,000 in damages. The court upheld his complaint, ordered the airline to make a formal apology and pay him $5,375.95.
Thibodeau was later honoured by the French-language rights group, Imperatif Francais.
(Theodore Sturdeon was right when he said: ” The French Produce the Greatest Second Raters in the World!”)
Here’s a guy who was convicted of giving a “wedgie with malice!”
OTTAWA – A man who tried to pull off nine women’s pants in “predatory” and “terrifying” attacks last year and stalked a 10th was motivated by rage at all women, a judge said before handing him a total of 23 months behind bars.
Gavin Griffiths, 26, said in a report that he felt very angry at women in general because his ex-girlfriend had a new boyfriend, Judge David Wake said.
“It’s disturbing that the accused chose to take his frustration for his girlfriend out on other members of her gender in an arbitrary and predatory way,” Wake said as Griffiths bowed his shaved head.
dynamic_resizeORILLIA, Ont. — Cops have arrested a murderer who walked away from prison over the weekend and hailed a taxi to a casino.
Luigi Boni, who was serving a life sentence at Beaver Creek Institution in Gravenhurst, Ont., for second-degree murder, was arrested in Barrie, Ont., Tuesday.
He left Beaver Creek illegally Sunday and took a taxi to Casino Rama, police said
dynamic_resizeTIMMINS — A city employee who was drunk and sipping vodka from a thermos while operating a backhoe has lost his job, his driver’s licence, and is going to jail for 30 days.
Richard Page, 56, who had worked for the City of Timmins for more than 24 years, was told in provincial court Tuesday he was lucky he didn’t kill anybody.
The Rolling Stones are getting more reasonable kids………………………., with top ticket prices anywhere between $250- and $600- depending on the venue, none of the shows had sold out yet, so they added $85- “on the floor” general admission tickets.
Guess what folks……………….., now they’re all sold out!