The $127.6-billion spending plan announced by Finance Minister Charles Sousa had all the regular bells and whistles, money for job growth, investments in infrastructure and more than a few treats aimed at winning support from the NDP. And among all that stood a plan to change some of the province’s high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes into toll routes. Actual toll routes. Where a driver pays to access the additional lane and gets to their destination faster, while suffering less congestion. Where do I sign up?
The strategy hasn’t been spelled out in detail yet, but essentially it would let single-occupancy vehicles drive in HOV lanes by paying a toll. It is believed that such lanes could fit on many of the high-volume highways through southern Ontario.
imagesOTTAWA — Marc Garneau — the only MP who’s ever flown in space — is insulted that he wasn’t invited to Thursday’s opening of a Canadarm exhibit at a national museum.
Adding insult to injury, the Liberal MP says it was his idea to display the iconic robotic space arm at a public museum, rather than have it moulder in obscurity at the Canadian Space Agency’s headquarters near Montreal.
Garneau is Canada’s first astronaut and a former head of the space agency.
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Allan, regarding an article in last Sunday’s religious news!
The part about “Islamic city council bans female flatulence in Indonesia” is from a SATIRE called Wadiyan. Isn’t true at all so please check the facts before reposting. :)
imagesCA4R5929Please see below: “The Wadiyan is an online satire newspaper that publishes fictional news reports, articles and multimedia content with the intention of providing pure humour.”
Thank you for your letter but I should remind you that the motto for both Allan’s Perspective and BlogsCanada,ca is:
“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”
Allan Janssen
li-hanneman-113127879Jeff Hanneman, a guitarist and founding member of the American heavy-metal band Slayer whose career was irrevocably changed after a spider bite, has died at age 49.
The guitarist had recently begun writing songs with the band in anticipation of recording a new album later this year.
He had been slowly recovering from what was believed to be a spider bite that nearly cost him his arm after he failed to seek immediate treatment.
Well kids, the sun might set on Sun News!
GATINEAU, Que. — Mandatory carriage or bust: That was Sun News’ message to the CRTC hearings, where a panel is mulling whether the news station can be carried on all basic cable packages.
Sun News Network VP Kory Teneycke told the CRTC hearings Thursday that anything less than the requested mandatory distribution through Canadian cable companies would be a “death sentence” for the Quebecor Media news channel.
In a final pitch, Teneycke stressed to the CRTC that the station has exceeded all the necessary conditions set out by the ruling body for the mandatory carriage requirement, including its contribution to Canadian culture and news.
“As we speak, Sun News has five reporters and three camera crews covering the B.C. provincial election campaign,” Teneycke said. “For someone living in Ontario or Nova Scotia or for someone living in B.C., to be able to access in-depth political coverage of the B.C. provincial election on a daily basis is exceptional. It is exceptional because no other all-news network is doing that.”
And in the end!
The crazy man walking down the city street holding a sign that reads “The end is near” might just have a point.
A team of mathematicians, philosophers and scientists at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute say there is ever-increasing evidence that the human race’s reliance on technology could, in fact, lead to its demise.
The group has a forthcoming paper entitled “Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority,” arguing that we face a real risk to our own existence. And not a slow demise in some distant, theoretical future. The end could come as soon as the next century.
“There is a great race on between humanity’s technological powers and our wisdom to use those powers well,” institute director Nick Bostrom told MSN. “I’m worried that the former will pull too far ahead.”
(RIGHT, and coffee’s no good for ya either! If all these “end of the world” predictions had come true, the world would have been destroyed 823,667 times already!)