TORONTO — The saga of Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal is spreading around the world.
Since the scandal broke on May 16 with a story on, the tale of Ford and the alleged video has been covered by news outlets around the world and a subject of humour on late-night comedy shows.
But the controversy got an even higher profile Wednesday when NBC’s Today Show devoted almost three minutes to the story of the mayor and the alleged video of him smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.
A report published in the Toronto Star said that telephone and email records belonging to three former aides were ordered deleted. The report did not specify where the alleged order came from. The newspaper cited anonymous sources, and said one of the people it spoke to expressed concerns that evidence related to the drug controversy could be wiped out.
It’s no longer a case of Ford’s guilt, innocence, knowledge of,  or anything else. It’s the unsubstantiated “death by a thousand cuts” that is being practiced by the Star!
When I was studying journalism at Ryerson many years ago, one of the first things they taught us was the meaning of the word “ETHICS!”
Sadly, that is severely lacking in Canada’s largest  newspaper  rag!
Well kids, ya gotta say one thing about the folks in the southern United States. They sure know how to have a good time!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – A New Mexico man faces multiple charges after police say he was having sex with a woman while driving drunk and crashed, ejecting the woman from the vehicle.
The Albuquerque Journal reports 25-year-old Luis Briones was found with one shoe on and his shorts on inside-out Monday night after he wrecked his Ford Explorer in Albuquerque.
74416-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Pleasantly-Plump-Woman-Covering-Her-Nude-BodyPolice say Briones’ female passenger was found naked outside the SUV after being ejected. She had deep cuts to her face and head.
Authorities allege Briones tried to drive away after the crash and leave his passenger behind, but a witness grabbed his keys from the ignition. He also allegedly tried to hide from responding officers behind a cactus.
Briones is charged with aggravated DUI, reckless driving, evading police, and coitus interruptus!
It seems like common sense that if you want to lose weight and be healthy, running is a quicker way to get there than walking. However, as doctor’s point out, in some cases, walking provides a lot of the same benefits without the difficulty.
Both running and walking have their own set of health benefits, and come with their own set of quirks. For instance, running is better for weight management because you’re burning more calories and runners tend to control their weight better over time. However, walking provides equal health benefits to running in a few key ways:
[N]ew science shows that walking can be at least as valuable as running—and in some instances, more so. A study published this month that again plumbed data from the Runners and Walkers Health Study found that both runners and walkers had equally diminished risks of developing age-related cataracts compared to sedentary people, an unexpected but excellent benefit of exercise.
And in perhaps the most comforting of the new studies, published last month in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology and again using numbers from the versatile Runners and Walkers Health Study, runners had far less risk of high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol profiles, diabetes and heart disease than their sedentary peers. But the walkers were doing even better. Runners, for instance, reduced their risk of heart disease by about 4.5 percent if they ran an hour a day. Walkers who expended the same amount of energy per day reduced their risk of heart disease by more than 9 percent.
Of course, few walkers match the energy expenditure of runners. “It’s fair to say that, if you plan to expend the same energy walking as running, you have to walk about one and a half times as far and that it takes about twice as long,” said Paul T. Williams, a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories…
A lot of other things factor in here. For one, people who tend to start walking are often more unhealthy than runners so their starting baseline is a bit lower. You also have to walk about twice as long to expend the same amount of energy as if you run. Still, the takeaway, that either walking or running is healthier than not doing either, is worth considering.
Toronto Police officers are investigating the controversy surrounding a teacher at Delta Alternative Senior School who put up explicit sex education brochures in his Grades 7 and 8 classroom.
Published by the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), one of the brochures in question is entitled “Use Your Head When Giving It: Blow Job Tips” and offers advice for gay men on safe sex. There is an image of a man seemingly engaged in oral sex.
Other brochures included ads for the female condom and the day-after pill and an ACT handout titled “If You Like to F—” that imparts tips for the general sexual health of gay men.
TORONTO – There are at least 50 shades of grey when it comes to sex and it turns out “no” may not always mean “no” — at least in the world of domination and submission.
That message comes from a surprising corner — the stodgy old Court of Appeal which this week ordered a new trial for a Toronto man who was convicted of sexual assault despite arguing that his wife had been a willing partner in dominant-submissive sex and he had assumed her “no” really meant “yes” that night of Feb. 8, 2008.
“The trial judge’s reasons show that he did not consider whether the evidence, taken as a whole, raised a reasonable doubt,” the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled, “and particularly whether (the husband) had an honest but mistaken belief that (his wife) consented.”
Dear Readers:
The next time you see those Chinese tourists in Vancouver or Toronto ……………….. WATCH OUT!
By Li Hui and Ben Blanchard, Reuters
BEIJING – From faking marriage certificates to get honeymoon discounts in the Maldives to letting children defecate on the floor of a Taiwan airport, Chinese tourists have recently found themselves at the centre of controversy and anger.
Thanks to microblogging sites in China, accounts of tourists behaving badly spread like wildfire across the country, provoking disgust, ire and soul-searching.
While in the past such reports might have been dismissed as attacks on the good nature of Chinese travellers, people in the world’s second-largest economy are starting to ask why their countrymen and women are so badly behaved.
1057885-Royalty-Free-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Hairy-Nude-Shy-Man-Covering-Himself-Up-With-His-Arms“Objectively speaking, our tourists have relatively low-civilized characters,” said Liu Simin, researcher with the Tourism Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
“Overseas travel is a new luxury, Chinese who can afford it compare with each other and want to show off,” Liu said. “Many Chinese tourists are just going abroad, and are often inexperienced and unfamiliar with overseas rules and norms.”
When a story broke recently that a 15-year-old Chinese boy had scratched his name into a 3,500-year-old temple in Egypt’s Luxor, the furore was such that questions were even asked about it at a Foreign Ministry news briefing.
“There are more and more Chinese tourists travelling to other countries in recent years,” ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Monday.
“We hope that this tourism will improve friendship with foreign countries and we also hope that Chinese tourists will abide by local laws and regulations and behave themselves.”
Other incidents have attracted similar anger, including that of a mother who let her children defecate on the floor of Kaohsiung airport in Taiwan, just metres (feet) from a toilet. She did put newspaper down first.
Embarrassment over the behaviour of some Chinese tourists has reached the highest levels of government, which has tried to project an image of a benign and cultured emerging power whose growing wealth can only benefit the world.