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I guess if there was any show that would be appropriate for O.J. to appear on ………………………, this would be the one!
Reports circulated on Monday that jailed star O.J Simpson could be set for a highly controversial guest appearanceon Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management.”

Simpson, who is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence after being convicted of robbery and kidnapping, was allegedly hoping to use an appearance on the FX comedy to resuscitate his acting career if he is able to secure an early release.
“Anger Management’ might have kept O.J. out of trouble to begin with!
A man with no arms isn’t giving up his fight against a Saskatoon police officer who gave him a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.
Steve Simonar made headlines across the country earlier this year when he complained about getting his first seatbelt ticket. He can’t physically buckle up.

A Crown prosecutor recently withdrew the $175 fine in court after the province granted Simonar a medical exemption allowing him to drive without wearing a belt.
Simonar is pleased, but not backing down. He still wants an apology from the constable who gave him the ticket and he wants the force to reprimand the officer.
“The ticket never was the issue,” Simonar said Wednesday.
“It’s good that they had enough sense to throw it out but the bigger picture is still this officer’s attitude.”
Simonar, an owner of a Saskatoon construction company, lost his arms in 1985 after he was electrocuted in a boating accident. He learned to drive with his feet and has had several vehicles modified so he can do so.
The 55-year-old uses his left foot to turn a small steering wheel near the floor and his right foot to work the gas and brake pedals. He also uses his feet to open the door and turn the key.
Simonar said police have pulled him over at least 20 times in the past and never gave him a seatbelt ticket before.
So he was surprised when he got his first ticket during a traffic blitz in April. Simonar said the officer was abrupt and told him if he couldn’t wear a seatbelt, he shouldn’t be driving.
A police spokeswoman later explained that Simonar didn’t have a medical exemption, so he needed to be given a ticket.
Simonar said he used to carry a doctor’s note and didn’t know the rules had changed requiring him to apply to Saskatchewan Government Insurance for a written exemption. He applied for one soon after he got the ticket.
He later sat down with the officer who gave him the ticket and a superior. But Simonar said they wouldn’t rip up the ticket and the officer was offensive.
Simonar alleges the officer said “you people” in referring to handicapped drivers.
“And he said if he stopped me again, he’d give me another ticket. But he would make sure he put my seatbelt on and then let me go.”
Simonar said strapping him in his truck would amount to unlawful confinement since it would be impossible for him to get out of his vehicle without help. “I’d have to flag somebody down somehow.
Police are no longer commenting on the ticket or the officer’s actions because Simonar has filed a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Public Complaints Commission.
Simonar believes it will be awhile before his complaint is heard. In the meantime, he doesn’t expect to have other problems with police.
He was pulled over a month ago by an officer in Prince Albert, Sask., he said. He got a ticket for speeding but the officer didn’t ask to see his seatbelt exemption.
“There was no question about the seatbelt,” he said.
Simonar called Saskatoon police last week after his truck was stolen. He said officers were polite and professional in dealing with the theft.
“I’ve talked a lot to officers since and everybody’s great. It’s just this one guy.
“The whole complaint is not about the Saskatoon city police. It’s just this one officer. That’s it.”
A man who wanted to prove he could swim across the Detroit River from Canada to the U.S. after a night of drinking ended up prompting an international rescue operation.
John Morillo told The Windsor Star that Monday night’s swim from Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit, was “really stupid” and said in retrospect he shouldn’t have done it. He was cited for being intoxicated in a public place and released from jail Tuesday.
“I was drinking, but I wasn’t really drunk,” Morillo, 47, of Windsor, said Tuesday. “The thing is, I’ve been telling people I’m going to swim across the river for years and they’re like ‘yah, yah, blah, blah, you can’t make it.’ So, I don’t know, last night I just decided it was the time to go.”
Morillo said he regrets causing problems for authorities, including Windsor police and Coast Guard crews from the U.S. and Canada. Three boats and a helicopter responded, The Detroit News reported, and authorities warn the river’s current makes a dangerous place to swim.
“As soon I saw the helicopters going by and the boats looking for me, I was like ‘oh, this is really stupid,’” Morillo told The Windsor Star.
Police in Windsor initially responded around 11:30 p.m., when a neighbor of Morillo called to say she had lost sight of him about a half-hour earlier.
Morillo made it across to Detroit, getting out of the water near downtown’s Renaissance Center, and was swimming back when he was found about 12:50 a.m. Tuesday by the U.S. Coast Guard. During his stop on the Detroit side of the river he said people wanted to take his picture.
“There was one woman, she said she was from Windsor and she thought I was crazy,” he said. She was right.”
Christine McGrail tried to go through a ‘drive thru’ at a McDonald’s restaurant on the outskirts of Manchester England, (not far from Coronation Street) but the only problem was that she was on a horse!
Restaurant employee’s told her she couldn’t do that, so she went INSIDE the fast food outlet instead ………………………, where the horse promptly shit on the floor!!!!!!!!!
The Telegraph reported police fined Christine McGrail £90 for “distressing” — and disgusting — behaviour!
McGrail told the Telegraph that when staff said to come inside, she thought it would be okay to bring Minnie inside with her.

After all, Minnie likes McFlurries too.
No word on whether she plans to appeal the fine, or not!
The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is sitting on millions of dollars in unclaimed prizes, according to the corporation’s recent financial statements.
The document shows more than $6 million was returned to the lottery’s prize fund last year because no one claimed their winnings before their ticket expired.
One person never came forward to claim their Lotto 6/49 $1-million prize.
One unclaimed ticket was worth $65,000 and another person lost a $100,000 tag win.
There is still more than $20 million in prizes that could still be claimed this year.
Scratch and win tickets never expire but all winning lottery tickets expire one year after their purchase date.