It’s starting to look like that kooky Muslim couple were turned in by the people in the Mosque they were attending.
Amada Marie Korody, who is either 28 or 29, and her partner John Stewart Nutall, 38, are alleged to have turned ordinary pressure cookers into improvised explosive devices filled with rusted nails, nuts, bolts and washers and attempted to detonate them on the legislature grounds during celebrations on Monday.
Seems they were weird enough that everyone around them noticed there was something strange going on and called the cops.
(I guess one of the fortunate things about this whole mess is that strange people do strange things!)
 SAO PAULO (Reuters) – One man has been arrested in northern Brazil after a referee who fatally stabbed an amateur player over his refusal to leave the field was decapitated by a mob, police said on Saturday.
Referee Octavio da Silva, 20, stabbed player Josenir dos Santos, 30, on June 30 afterdos Santos refused to heed his order to leave, police spokesman Kena Souza told Reuters.
A mob then turned on da Silva, killing him before severing his head in the remote town of Pio XII, named after a former pope. A 27-year-old man was arrested on July 2 and police in the regional headquarters of Santa Ines will continue to investigate the incident, Souza said.
Brazil has made significant strides in lowering homicide rates in recent years, as millions were lifted from poverty, but it faces mounting pressures to show it is a safe place for tourists before 12 Brazilian cities host the 2014 soccer World Cup and Rio de Janeiro the Olympic Games in 2016.
dynamic_resizeI just read that Ontario could be making another 50 BILLION dollars a year if the mining companies weren’t being jerked around so much by the Indians!
Meanwhile, the feds signed a multi-million dollar land claim settlement Saturday with an Alberta First Nations community.
Under the agreement, the Tsuu T’ina Nation will receive $20.8 million to resolve three claims known collectively as the Glenmore Reservoir specific claims.
These relate to three separate transactions involving the Glenmore Reservoir in the 1930s in which the Tsuu T’ina Nation did not receive adequate compensation, the government says.
dynamic_resizeeeWhen Edward Snowden finally leaves the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, it will lose its biggest attraction.
The former U.S. spy agency contractor has managed to stay out of sight for two weeks since arriving from Hong Kong on June 23, hoping to fly on to a country that would not send him back to the United States to face espionage charges.
The hordes of reporters who for days camped out in the hope of finding him have long since packed up and left.
These days Snowden just provides sport for bored passengers playing Russia’s version of “Where’s Waldo,” as they while away the hours waiting for connecting flights.
OR! Edward could just stay in Russia!]
dynamic_resizebhnhSnowden, 30, has received a marriage proposal of sorts in a tweet from Anna Chapman, the glamorous redhead who was one of 10 Russian agents arrested in the United States and deported in a Cold war-style spy swap in 2010.
Chapman, 31, did not immediately respond to an emailed query about the authenticity of the tweets and the proposal to Snowden, who is wanted by Washington on espionage charges.
Chris Hadfield retired from military life this week and has gone on his first speaking engagement:
Like a little kid, Chris Hadfield spent much of his days inside the International Space Station with his nose pressed up against the window.
And the newly retired Canadian astronaut and former commander of the ISS said if his jaw could drop in weightlessness, it would have many times over.
During his first presentation since arriving back to Earth seven weeks ago after a six month mission, Hadfield — who was also this year’s Calgary Stampede Parade marshall — shared his stories of life in space to a crowd at the University of Calgary Saturday.
Reports say a good time was had by all!