Well folks, even though I quit smoking years ago and think those who still smoke are stupid, I don’t go all bat-shit crazy about it!
Seems the tree huggers are getting more fervent about anything they disagree with:
Air quality scientists and anti-smoking advocates are renewing calls to ban smoking on all patios in Canada after newly released research showed that patrons lounging near smokers can be exposed to high levels of second-hand smoke, even while sitting outdoors.

The study, which focused on restaurant patios in Montreal, found that second-hand smoke inhaled by patrons and servers is akin to sitting next to a forest fire.
“What we registered were concentrations that would be similar to someone experiencing a forest fire, like the fires Kelowna (B.C.) had a few years ago,” said Ryan Kennedy, an air quality scientist who measures smoke pollution on patios.
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting real tired of some people trying to tell other people that they can do some things but can’t do other things, when they should just mind their own fucking business! (This is also the main beef I have with religion!)
Speaking of tree-huggers, the Naked News Department reports that GREENPEACE is on a major campaign to stop an oil pipeline from the Tar-Sands from going anywhere ………………, South, West or East!
Of course we can’t ship by truck since this is dangerous as well, and we all know what happened in Quebec when the railroad was involved.
NOPE! Oil and natural gas just won’t make it kids.
AND, we certainly we can’t  use nuclear power because you know what happened at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl!
Most hydro electricity is out as well because that involves putting dams across waterways and interrupting fish migration so the only option left to us is to go back to steam locomotives, and whale oil for lamps.
OH WAIT, we can’t cut down all our trees and use up our water, plus the whales are almost wiped out already, so unless we can run the world on solar power we will all have to freeze in the dark folks!
I don’t know about you, but I’m still pissed about the cancellation of the TV show “Harry’s Law,” so when a reporter at Friday’s “American Horror Story: Coven” panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills asked Kathy Bates if this project was what made her want to do weekly work again after her last television series experience, Kathy said yes.
She then shared her feelings about the end of her last TV series – “Harry’s Law” on NBC – without mentioning the show or her former network by name.
“I think they treated us like shit,” Kathy said. “They kicked us to the curb and I think they disrespected us. I think they disrespected our 7 – 11 million viewers every week, and I think they’re getting what they deserve.”
“Harry’s Law,” which was canceled in May 2012, averaged around 8 million viewers, and was speculated to have been canceled because it was pulling in an older audience.
{I have been a big fan of Kathy Bates ever since she did the movie “Misery” with James Caan, )
Justin Beiber is the biggest thing in Canadian, and maybe American music today, and I just realized the I don’t know, or can even name, one of his songs!
And I don’t care!!!!!!!!!
The folks over at ProPublica have collected a series of flat-out lies by government officials concerning NSA snooping and put them all together in a short video.
The location shall remain secret to protect the innocent, but there is a bear out west that has an appetite for schnitzels and bratwurst from a German restaurant!
This relative of Yogi bear has the ultimate “pic-a-nic basket” kids.
He just takes the whole dumpster!