First of all, another edition of “IF I RULED THE WORLD!”
To clean up the mess in the political and legal quagmire that has gripped the United States there are two immediate things we can do: (This would work in Canada as well!)
1. Ban and make illegal all LOBBYISTS in the government.
2. Make ALL Federal and State Prosecutors ACCOUNTABLE for any convictions they get! The way things are right now, these assholes don’t care if someone is guilty or innocent, as long as they get their conviction!
If I had my way they could get sued for a false conviction, or even better……………………, do the time they gave the innocent guy!

There IS justice on the highways.
I have noticed that nobody does defensive driving anymore, and aggressive driving has become the norm!
I was driving from London to Woodstock on highway #2 yesterday when a guy in a pickup tried to pass me!
imagesI was doing about 10 km over the limit (or about 90 kmh) in the left hand (outside) lane of a four lane stretch, when a guy going well over a hundred tried to pass me in the inside (right) lane.
First of all, you’re not supposed to pass on in the right lane anyway, and even when this guy did, he ran out of road because the highway narrowed to single lanes each way right where he was trying to pass me.
Not being able to go into the left, and only lane because I was there, and not being able to stop in time, he ran out of road and caught his right time in the snow on the shoulder……….. which flipped him into the ditch!
Was he OK?
I don’t know!
Did i care?