Sometimes ya gotta wonder if people have a screw lose, or are just plain NUTS!
Here are some strange 9/11 calls to the Chatham police department over the last year!
1. A man called police to help him retrieve his personal property. The man had gone to his girlfriend’s home and taken out his glass eye. He was upset that she hid his eye and refused to return it.
2. A female driver who saw a goat on the road called police to report the animal had jumped in the vehicle when she got out to look for an address to give the 911 operator.
3. Calls about bored youths trying to “trip” cars with dog leashes.
4. A squirrel jumped through the open window of a car, causing the driver to accelerate into a ravine. Luckily the driver was not injured and the squirrel now looks before leaping.
5. It would be expected that a person would call police to report a $90,000 fraud. However, it’s not common that the caller names Sen. Mike Duffy in Ottawa as the accused.
6. A man called police because rain water from his neighbour’s roof was falling on his property.
7. Police receive call about a dispute between neighbours started over porch lights one of them felt were too bright.
8. A woman called 911 after she opened her bathroom cupboard and was face-to-face with a possum. Animal control was called.
9. A home owner relaxing in his hot tub was startled by a male who jumped his fence and fell into the pool. Any criminal plans the male had quickly sizzled. He hastily left the hot tub and sloshed away into the darkness.
10. If you’re on probation with conditions not to drive a motor vehicle, it may not be a good idea to drive your e-bike to your probation appointment.

imagesCA6U6D4UWhen revelers pack Times Square to ring in 2014, they will be greeted with some familiar practices: The annual ball drop, a hefty police presence and live musical performances. But for the first time in a decade, a New York City mayor won’t attend the countdown at the crossroads of the world.
In a surprise move, Toronto City council has informed New York that they can have Rob Ford for the Day!
With a frostbite advisory in place for New Year’s Eve in Ottawa, event organizers are summoning the Canadian spirit (and lure of the bar) to encourage revelers to not stay home.
The City of Ottawa’s frostbite advisory remains in effect Tuesday, with a forecasted high of –14 C during the day and forecasted low of –21 C overnight, without the wind chill.

imagesCAVF3CE1Less than two weeks after Canada Post announced it would end door-to-door delivery for urban Canadians, the Crown Corporation aims to reduce costs, injuries and expenses associated with rural delivery by discontinuing mail service outside of cities!
The belt tightening proposals were outlined Friday in the Canada Gazette, the government’s official publication with information on laws and government appointments.

imagesLas Vegas is set to ring in 2014 with big-name concerts, celebrity-hosted parties and an eight-minute rooftop fireworks display billed as the nation’s largest.
John Legend is performing at Haze nightclub at Aria, Ne-Yo is welcoming the new year at Pure nightclub at Caesars Palace and Maroon 5 is playing at Mandalay Bay. Pop star Bruno Mars is christening the Cosmopolitan’s new Chelsea Ballroom.
Other casinos are touting pricey nightclub bashes with $3,000 bottle service and open bars hosted by reality-TV and music celebrities, including the original celebutante, Paris Hilton.
Whoa, backup the truck boys ……………….., what in hell is Paris Hilton going to be doing?
Well, O.K. I can think of a few things, but none that I can print here!
Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe in evolution, while a third say that humans and other life forms have existed in their current states since the beginning of time, according to a new poll.
The most prominent organization behind this Creation movement has been the Discovery Institute, the driving force behind the intelligent design movement.
Through its Center for Science and Culture, the Institute conducts a number of related public relations and lobbying campaigns aimed at influencing the public and policy makers in order to advance its position in academia. The Discovery Institute claims that because there is a significant lack of public support for evolution, that public schools should, as their campaign states, “Teach the Controversy“.
BUT! We’re not so smart either kids ………………………….., 59% of Canadians believe that humans evolved from less advanced life forms, but 42% agree that humans and dinosaurs co-existed on earth. Only 22% believe that God created human beings in their present form within the last 10,000 years
A UK poll on the “origin and development of life” asked participants to choose between three different explanations for the origin of life: 22% chose (Young Earth) creationism, 17% opted for intelligent design, 48% selected evolution theory (with a divine role explicitly excluded) and the rest did not know.
A 2010 survey conducted by Auspoll and the Australian Academy of Science found that 79% of Australians believe in evolution (71% believe it is currently occurring, 8% believe in evolution but do not think it is currently occurring), 11% were not sure and 10% stated they do not believe in evolution.
Now you might find THIS interesting!
Percentage of Americans polled
Religious group Belief in the literal truth of the Bible / Belief that the Bible is a book of  legends

A Hawaii woman whose last name is 36 characters long has finally gotten the whole thing to fit on her driver’s license and state identification card.
imagesCA3H8TG5Janice “Lokelani” Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele (KAY’-ee-hah-nah-EE’-coo-COW’-ah-KAH’-hee-HOO’-lee-heh-eh-KAH’-how-NAH-eh-leh) has a surname that consists of 35 letters plus an okina, a mark used in the Hawaiian alphabet. She received her new license and ID after her campaign to get her full name on the cards prompted the state Department of Transportation to change its policy to expand the number of characters that can appear.
Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele is now hoping to get the Social Security Administration to allow more characters on its identification cards.
(I wonder how many times this woman needed to spell her name? Oh, wait a minute! Of course! EVERY TIME!)
asshole trophy

Folks, all I can do is call this woman our “ASSHOLE OF THE DAY” although she is much more than that!
How’s THIS for a Christmas surprise!
A 13-year-old girl is dead and her mother is behind bars, accused of stabbing her ex-husband and trying to kill her children by poisoning them.
Officers in Casa Grande, Arizona, responded to a 911 call on Christmas Day. A man said that his ex-wife, 35-year-old Connie Villa, had stabbed him but that he had managed to escape and was driving himself to a hospital, police said in a statement.
When officers arrived at the home, they found Villa with stab wounds, holding a knife to her chest. They managed to subdue her and conducted a sweep of the home. Police found the body of Aniarael Macias, Villa’s daughter, in the bathroom.

131230220410-connie-villa-story-top“Although an autopsy for Aniarael was conducted yesterday in Pima County, the results of which did not identify a cause of death, investigators feel the evidence found at the scene of the crime along with interviews and medical information of the surviving children, give our Department cause to believe Connie Villa was attempting to end the lives of all of her children and her ex-husband, Adam Villa,” the statement read.
Connie Villa faces one count of first degree murder in the death of her daughter. She is also being charged with four counts of attempted murder of her ex-husband and her three surviving children, ages 3, 5 and 8.
(Police say she forced her children to take prescription narcotic drugs. The three children had trace amounts of opiates in their systems.)

About 290 customers are still without electricity in Toronto, more than a week after an ice storm hit Eastern Canada and knocked out electricity to about 300,000.
imagesCAX58NS4Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto Hydro on Monday officials gave what would be their final daily update on the power outages that came in the wake of a powerful ice storm two weekends ago.
They wanted to start 2014 with a clean slate, so a hydro spokesman was heard to say: “To hell with it, 290 is close enough ……., let’s go home!”

untitledIt was a big year for the Toronto Zoo with the controversial departure of the three elephants and arrival of two pandas, but as 2013 winds to a close the zoo is looking toward the future and its 40 birthday.
The Toronto Zoo will turn 40 in August, celebrating four decades of showcasing exotic animals to the Canadian public.
The only dark cloud on the horizon is whether the giraffe exhibit will open in time for the spring rush since one of the giraffes slipped on the ice last week and will be in a cast for about three months!

The age of the incandescent bulb will fade to black starting on Wednesday, as federal rules aimed at improving efficiency come into effect New Year’s Day.
incandescentbulbThe 75-watt and 100-watt incandescent bulbs have been phased out and starting Jan. 1 light bulb manufacturers can no longer supply the Canadian market with the bulbs.
Instead, people will have to buy compact fluorescent or LED lights.
So, a story surfaced on the Internet earlier this month that seems to have a lot of people excited about January 14th, 2014, or so-called ‘Zero G Day.’ Apparently, a planetary alignment between Jupiter and Pluto at 9:47 a.m. on that day will allow anyone leaping into the air at exactly that moment to defy gravity for a short time, taking up to three seconds to float back down to the ground.
Unfortunately for anyone really looking forward to experiencing such an extraordinary phenomenon, there’s several problems with the story, the biggest of which is that it’s just not true.
Oh, it’s true that British astronomer Patrick Moore did say on BBC Radio that a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto would cause what he called the ‘Jovian–Plutonian gravitational effect‘ — where the gravitational pull of the two planets would combine to momentarily counter Earth’s gravity and make everyone lighter. He also said that if everyone jumped at 9:47 a.m. on the day in question, they would feel a floating sensation.
However, Moore, who died in December 2012, said those things over 38 years ago, in April 1976. Not only that, but the exact time and date of the phenomenon should set off alarm bells in people’s minds — 9:47 a.m. on the 1st of April, or April Fools Day.

By the way………………….!
(It’s nine o’clock in the morning as I write this bunky, yet I just heard that they already celebrated New Years in Australia!)