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Are you slowly killing your houseplants? Probably! But there might be a reason (other than neglect) why they’re all yellow and wilty: your Wi-Fi router.An experiment by a handful of high school students in Denmark has sparked some serious international interest in the scientific community.Five ninth-grade girls at Hjallerup School in North Jutland, Denmark, noticed they had trouble concentrating after sleeping with their mobile phones at their bedsides. They tried to figure out why. The school obviously doesn’t have the equipment to test human brain waves, so the girls decided to do a more rudimentary experiment.They placed six trays of garden cress seeds next to Wi-Fi routers that emitted roughly the same microwave radiation as a mobile phone. Then they placed six more trays of seeds in a separate room without routers. The girls controlled both environments for room temperature, sunlight and water.After 12 days, they found the garden cress seeds in the routerless room had exploded into bushy greenery, while the seeds next to the Wi-Fi routers were brown, shriveled, and even mutated. See for yourself:H9sztP0
Well folks, today could be the day for somebody …………………………. over half a BILLION bucks is up for grabs!

This makes our 50 million in the Lotto-Max seem like spare change!
One of the largest lottery prizes in U.S. history is up for grabs on Tuesday, and Canadians are welcome to test their luck south of the border.
The Mega Millions jackpot has been boosted to $586 million, a jump from an earlier projection. It is the second largest jackpot in U.S history, trailing a $656-million prize last year.
In a move that angered many New Jersey residents and stunned the nation, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbitt signed the “Pennsylvania Safe Highways Act” into law yesterday, marking the first time such a law has been passed in the United States.
The law bans New Jersey licensed drivers from operating any vehicle on Pennsylvania highways with fines of up to $1,500 for each offense.
An exemption can be made for vehicles with state approved modifications, such as black and yellow reflective vinyl on all the doors and bumpers or a large “Student Driver” sign affixed to the roof of the vehicle.



Kids, I’m making Denis Richards our “Winner of the Year!”
Not only is she kind, smart, funny and sensible …………………., she is also HOT,HOT, HOT!
Denise Richards brought Charlie Sheen‘s twin sons from Brooke Mueller into her home and cared for them as if they were here own until Brooke made it legally impossible to get them the help they needed while Charlie pretended to give a shit by threatening the judge from inside a hooker’s vagina. Now a kind and decent person would forever be indebted to Denise for her hard work and sacrifice, so naturally Charlie just tweeted her a photo of a knife because he thought she didn’t invite him on vacation. TMZ reports:
We’re told the news sent Charlie into a tailspin since he’s already not seeing twins Bob and Max this year for Christmas — they’ll be with temp guardian/Brooke Mueller’s brother Scott.
Sheen lashed out at Denise by tweeting a pic of a chopped up baseball bat — a souvenir from their wedding — with the caption, “The lie is over. I’m done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket. #DuhNeese.”
Except Denise did invite him:
Our sources say Denise is confused about Charlie’s anger — because as far as she’s concerned … he’s still welcome to join her and the girls on the trip.

2-Ply-Toilet-Paper-Annual-AwardIn Charlie Sheen’s defense, he probably has porn stars writing down messages for him which gets confusing because they’re illiterate. More importantly, is that bologna inside that baseball hat? Where do you even get something like that? Because that is the most amazing solution to home security I’ve ever seen in my life. For starters, it’s not a gun, so nobody you love accidentally gets shot. Second, imagine this scenario: It’s dark, you hear a noise. You get out of bed, grab the bologna bat, and slowly make your way downstairs. Is it a prowler? Jehovah Witnesses? Whiskers! You silly cat. Oh, boy, another false alarm. Guess you’ll just dunk this baby in mustard then go back to bed. The End.
This just in to the Perspective Naked News Department:
Reports out of Calgary this past weekend say that the city is slowly being overrun with Cougars.

Normally confined to clubs and bars downtown, several cougars have been sighted in the north-west suburbs and two suburban shopping malls!
untitledOfficials said that although the cougars wandered freely in these areas, they did not seem to bother anyone and didn’t cause any trouble.
Meanwhile, a debate is being held at City Council on whether they should just wait for the cougars to migrate back to the downtown bars …………………., or whether a few players from the Calgary Flames should be used as bait, in a trap and release operation!

New documents show some members of a Saskatchewan First Nation are facing allegations they misused government money meant for social assistance to buy themselves vehicles, horses and trailers.
imagesCABTBQ5GA team of professional auditors is now looking into claims made against the chief and council of the Big Island Lake Cree Nation in the northwestern part of the province.
No charges have been laid and none of the allegations has been proven in court, so we here at Perspective are not going to comment any further on this, except to say that we thought you should know!.
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More than just snow hit Toronto this weekend.
20131214-santapubcrawl2048-01_jpg_2184x1365_q95_upA swarm of Santas blew through the city on Saturday night.
The infamous Santarchy event is said to be inspired by SantaCon which takes place in over 300 locations around the world.

The goal is to spread Christmas cheer while drinking and handing out treats.
20131214-santapubcrawl2048-14_jpg_2184x1365_q95_upIt all started at the Imperial Pub with nearly 100 Santas.
As they hopped from pub-to-pub, the crowd grew, as each Santa came prepared with extra swag to recruit along the way.