The rotund one did it folks, he chickened out and apologized ……….,! \

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he does not believe, nor did he intend to suggest in a recent interview, that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale is a pedophile.  (You can see the look of surprise on his face that anyone would think he suggested such a thing!)
Ford stood in council chambers Tuesday morning to issue a formal apology to Dale, who last week served the mayor with a libel notice for comments Ford made during an interview with Conrad Black that aired on the  TV show Zoomer.

imagesLook boys and girls, Rob Ford, on top of everything else he has been called, is a WUSS!
He didn’t call Dale a pedophile when he mentioned the “P” word …………….., matter of fact, we here at the Perspective Research Department are sure that Rob was referring to Mr. Dale as being a PHOTOGRAPHER, and there ain’t nothin the matter with that!
He took the easy way out!
We have a new “ASSHOLE OF THE DAY” folks!
asshole trophyDaniel Dale.

Rob Ford’s apology Tuesday for his televised comments about Daniel Dale failed to satisfy the Toronto Star reporter, who said he is going ahead with a defamation lawsuit against the Toronto mayor.
Ford read a statement in council saying he didn’t intend to suggest Dale is a pedophile during a televised interview with Conrad Black.
“I never called Mr. Dale a pedophile,” Ford said. “I have never used that word to describe Mr. Dale. I do not believe Mr. Dale is a pedophile nor did I intend to suggest that in my comments.”

untitledFord said he apologizes if his “actual words” have caused Dale any harm or personal offence.
The mayor called it “unfortunate” that a word he never said has been “ascribed” to him by the media.
Those remarks come a week after Ford initially said he stood by every word of the interview.
Dale served Ford last week with a libel notice, demanding the mayor retract all of his false claims about what happened during an incident near Ford’s house in May 2012 and issue an “unreserved, abject, complete apology.”
This asshole never did want an apology folks, he is going to milk it for all it’s worth now!

2013-12-17T183700Z_1_CBRE9BG1FPY00_RTROPTP_2_USA-DOOMSDAY-PROPHETEvangelical broadcaster Harold Camping, who rallied thousands of followers and stirred a media frenzy with a failed doomsday prophecy two years ago, finally got his Doomsday prophecy right.
The world ended for HIM today!
He died at his home near San Francisco.
November was a hot month for planet Earth folks.

Government scientists reported Tuesday that last month set a heat record.
They say it was the warmest November on record, across Earth, since record-keeping began in 1880.
imagesCAEATEI7The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says average global temperature, for water and land surfaces combined, was 56.6 degrees (13.7 Celsius).
That’s 1.4 degrees (0.78 degrees Celsius) above the 20th century average.
It was the 37th consecutive November with above-average temperatures.
The last below-average November was in 1976.
It was also the 345th straight month with above-average temperatures.
That’s almost 29 years. (Remember, we are talking about AVERAGE temperatures, not individual, or isolated highs and lows!)

Canadian actress Pam Anderson is in Newfoundland today to offer Canadian seal hunters $1 million to abandon the hunt.
untitledPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) confirmed the offering to Yahoo Canada News, saying the money is intended to help seal farmers transition out of the industry.
We here at the Perspective Research Department applaud Ms. Anderson’s attempts to save the seals, but let’s face it kids, the fishermen in Newfoundland are a pretty stubborn lot, and we don’t think any offer would change their minds.
Well, one does come to mind, but that’s not about to happen!
Maybe it’s not that bad after all…………………., my office is in downtown London, Ontario, and when I go into the office I pay about twelve bucks a day to park.
I am going to stop complaining, because I just found out that parking in downtown London, ENGLAND runs between $70- to $100- a DAY!
AND FINALLY:  We have ourselves a “WINNER OF THE YEAR” folks!