Seattle police allege that on Sunday, Samuel Kenneth McDonough squeezed through a high opening in the 2.5-metre-high chain-link fencing surrounding Clipper Vacations’ dockside sales kiosk and made it onto the pier where the three ferries were tied up, AP said.
(The Victoria Clipper’s fleet of three big catamaran motor vessels can deliver up to 330 passengers at speeds up to 30 knots.)
He then managed to get into the pilot house of one of the vessels and start the engine. He untied a couple of mooring ropes, damaging two of the tied-down cleats, and the 40-metre-long ferry moved away.
Clipper Vacations chief executive Darrell Bryan said he was arriving for a meeting with his captains when he noticed one of his ships drifting away.
McDonough allegedly took the $8-million ferry on a slow, meandering journey around Seattle harbour, chased by the U.S. Coast Guard, port and city police, before a SWAT team boarded the vessel and arrested him. He managed not to hit any other ships or ground the ferry on any rocks.
“We were very, very fortunate this individual did not run into a state ferry or grain ship out by the grain terminal,” Bryan told AP.
McDonough is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday and was under investigation for burglary (a laptop computer and some perfume from the ferry’s duty-free shop were taken), reckless endangerment, malicious mischief and an outstanding warrant for failure to register as a sex offender, AP reported.
McDonough has three convictions for indecent exposure dating back to 2005. A Washington Department of Corrections spokeswoman told AP he was wearing a GPS monitor, which is used to keep track of homeless sex offenders.
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He had just gotten out of jail last Wednesday after being incarcerated for violating his release conditions and being fitted for a new GPS monitor.
A judge Monday set McDonough’s bail at US$200,000.
According to documents filed with the court, McDonough told police he wanted to go to Victoria, AP said.
Meanwhile, Bryan ordered razor wire installed to close the hole used to gain access to the pier.
The incident also raised questions of how the thief could get into the ferry’s pilot house, which is supposed to be locked, and how he could managed to start its diesel engines, which requires a key.
“In my 28 years in business, this is the first time anything like this has happened, Bryan told the Seattle Times.
(Gee, in my younger days all I managed to do  was get arrested for stealing a Sarnia city bus! Well, it wasn’t really a bus, it was a van, and I didn’t steal it ……….., but that’s a long story-Ed.)

Rob Ford did NOT have the most Google searches this year folks!
imagesMiley Cyrus was first, the Rotund One was second, Blackberry was third, the Kardashians were fourth, Fifty Shades of Grey was fifth, the new I Phone came in sixth,  Robin Thicke at #7, Kate Middleton and the little guy were in 8th spot, Kate Upton #9 and the entire country of Syria came in at #10!
Not even a whisper about me, or this blog!!!!!!!
No satire or smart-assed remarks about this article, kids:
Britain’s reputation for turning a blind eye on the illegal practice of female genital mutilation may be about to change after British doctors, nurses and midwifes decided to take a stand and demand it be treated as child abuse.images

Earlier this month, leading British medical groups delivered an extensive report to Parliament, recommending aggressive steps to eradicate the practice, which is still being carried out on young girls from certain African, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures.
The report revealed tens of thousands of cases of FGM in Britain (as many as 66,000 by some estimates). And while the practice was outlawed in 1985 and carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment, the country has never seen a single prosecution.
‘’It’s a huge problem in Britain,’’ says Dr. Deborah Hodes, a London community paediatrician and chair of child protection with the Royal College of Paediatrics, outlining that more than 24,000 girls are at risk of FGM and more than 66,000 women are living with the consequences. Hodes regularly gets referrals for young girls who underwent cutting — a common term for the practice in the U.K.— or who are at high risk of being cut.

Britain’s medical community now wants all front-line health professionals to be better trained in detecting FGM and responding to it, and to report female patients who have had their sexual organs mutilated to police and other services.

Now you can own Han Solo’s blaster, but it will cost you at least $200,000!
Sure, Han Solo is used to having a price on his head. But now, instead of being pursued by the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunters, he’s the target of geeks hoping to get their hands on his famed blaster.
So far, Solo has declared that the only way they will get the blaster is by prying it from his cold, dead hands!

The DL-44 was a powerful, highly modifiable and accurate blaster pistol. It packed a heavy punch compared to other pistols without losing accuracy, which made it a prime choice among many groups and individuals, ranging from smugglers and bounty hunters to military and the Rebellion.
imagesCAM8RYFWAside from being a powerful and reliable sidearm, the weapon had other attractive features such as a vibration system built into the handgrip that pulsed gently to alert the user that the weapon had only five shots left, and the ability to charge a bolt twice as powerful into a capacitor without damaging the sidearm. Like most handguns, its gear typically included a motion-sensitive scope and galven circuitry that allowed the pistol to deal more damage with a normal energy drain and fire rate.

untitledAccording to the Internet, it ate a man in Qujing, China, in August 2012; gobbled up another person in Jakarta,  Indonesia, in January 2013; swallowed a man whole in Panama in February 2013; swallowed a woman near Durban North, South Africa, in June 2013; then made its way to Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, to gulp down a 4-year-old child in October 2013, all before slithering off to India to chow down on a drunken man outside a liquor store in Attappadi, India, last week!
Authorities finally caught up with it yesterday!
AND FINALLY: A purely wonderful idea for GOOGLE, boys and girls!

They should make one of the main search criteria a person’s AGE, folks.

There is nothing I hate more than looking up something, and getting inane, idiotic, juvenile, sophomoric and just plain stupid opinions and ideas from some teenager.

If they really want to put in great algorithms, then make my computer age appropriate folks! (I don’t think there is any way to make them SMART appropriate…… pity!)

(This is my idea, kids, that’s why I’m documenting it here!)