Well folks, it’s two for-one-day here at Allan’s Perspective!

For the last time (we hope) Rob Ford has made it as our “Asshole of the Day!”
Even though I was a Ford supporter, there is a point where ya just got to say…………………., ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
This guy has shown a terrific lack of judgement, and very little morality in the recent past, and yesterday’s new revelations just put another nail in the coffin kids.

2-Ply-Toilet-Paper-Annual-AwardAnybody Rob Ford’s age should NOT be hanging around with the people we saw in those photographs of him doing drugs and stuff!
He’s way too old for that shit …………………………………………….,  and that goes double for the Mayor of Toronto!
WASHINGTON — The Rob Ford saga has received more intensive media coverage in the United States than any other Canadian news story since the turn of the century, newly released media-monitoring figures suggest.
If the Toronto mayor were an advertiser trying to buy up all the global media space he occupied over the month of November, it would have cost him $1.1 billion, says the Influence Communications analysis, released to The Canadian Press.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/rob-ford-saga-biggest-canadian-news-story-in-u-s-media-this-century-analysis-1.1574128#ixzz2mbdJpJ6n

2-Ply-Toilet-Paper-Annual-AwardI MIGHT BE SWITCHING MY BANK ACCOUNT SOON: Bank of Montreal’s cutting of nearly 1,000 full-time positions in the fourth quarter of a year in which it made a record profit of $4.2 billion seems a little harsh, to say the least!
The reduction of 997 full-time positions in the last quarter of the 2013 fiscal year amounts to a cut of about two per cent to BMO’s global workforce, which numbered 45,631 at the end of October.
Overall, the bank’s workforce, the bulk of which is in Canada and the U.S, has shrunk by about 1.4 per sent since the end of the 2012 fiscal year and by almost three per cent since the end of the last quarter of 2011, according to its financial results.

untitledCanadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has ordered the inclusion of the North Pole in the country’s Arctic claim, following a UN submission draft report proposal to exclude it from the boundaries. Canada will meet the December 6 deadline for filing an application to the United Nations to extend its northern sea boundary and also include the geographic North Pole, News24 reports. Meanwhile, many nations, including Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States, claim overlapping parts of the region are believed to be rich in hydrocarbons. According to the US Geological Survey, the Arctic seabed holds about 90 billion barrels of oil and 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered gas resources. – See more at: http://www.canadastandard.com/index.php/sid/218882334/scat/71df8d33cd2a30df#sthash.Fp5WE7x7.dpuf
Does this mean that Santa Claus will be a CANADIAN?
This is… something?

untitledFor the crime of being difficult to shoot, a Manhattan grand jury has charged an unarmed, mentally unstable man with assault after police officers opened fire on him as the man was blocking traffic in Times Square last September!
On September 14, Glenn Broadnax walked into the crowded streets of Times Square and jumped in front of several oncoming cars, apparently in an attempt to get run over.
NYPD officers tried to take the 250-lb Broadnax into custody, but he resisted and, according to police, reached into his pocket.
Two NYPD officers thought he might be reaching for a gun, and, in order to protect the thousands of innocent bystanders in Times Square, fired their service weapons at Broadnax.
But the officers missed and wounded two innocent bystanders instead. Broadnax was eventually subdued with a Taser.
Broadnax, who, at the time of the incident, believed he was talking to dead relatives, according to the statement he gave police, is being held on $100,000 bail and faces a maximum sentence of 25 years. “Mr. Broadnax never imagined his behavior would ever cause the police to shoot at him,”
Rigodis Appling, his attorney, said, adding that a disoriented Broadnax was reaching for his wallet, not a gun, when the officers opened fire.
Great little article from the blog “The Superficial!”

lindsay-lohan-01-435x580When you’re an 18-year-old boy, there’s really not a whole lot you won’t fuck. Actually that’s true for any man at any age, but it completely ruins the setup for this joke, so just assume it only pertains to 18-year-old males. I’ll be your best friend. When you’re 18, you’ll fuck anything which is all you need to know going into this story. Page Six reports:
Sources say the 27-year-old actress is cozying up to Liam Neeson’s 18-year-old son, Michael.
The two were spotted Friday partying at hot spot Finale, where spies tell us they snuck off to the women’s bathroom together at one point.
Wait, wait, wait. I may not be hip to kids today with their moving picture GIFs and Miley Cyrus vagina records, but I’m pretty sure blowing a dude for coke in a bathroom isn’t “cozying up” as much as it’s a “drug deal.”

All this must be great news to Liam Neeson who has a particular talent for people who threaten his family……………… like in the movie “TAKEN!”
Almost five billion mobile phone location records are logged by the NSA every day, reports the Washington Post.
The data is said to help the NSA track individuals, and map who they know, to aid the agency’s anti-terror work.

untitledThe “dragnet surveillance” was condemned by digital rights groups who called for the NSA’s snooping efforts to be reined in.
The news comes as Microsoft plans to use more encryption to thwart NSA spying on it and its customers.
Wrong target
The huge database built up by the NSA (National Security Agency) keeps an eye on “hundreds of millions” of mobile phones, said the Post, adding that it let the agency map movements and relationships in ways that were “previously unimaginable”.
It added that the vast programme potentially surpassed any other NSA project in terms of its impact on privacy. Information about the programme was in papers released to the Post by whistleblower Edward Snowden.
The spying agency is said to have accumulated so much data, about 27 terabytes according to leaked papers seen by the Post, that it was “outpacing” the NSA’s ability to analyse the information in a timely fashion.

imagesCAXMZ228The analysis, via a computer system called Co-Traveler, was necessary as only a tiny fraction of 1% of the data gathered was actually useful in its anti-terror work, said the paper. The analysis is so detailed that it can be used to thwart attempts to hide from scrutiny by people who use disposable phones or only use a handset briefly before switching it off.
The vast majority of the information gathered is said to come from taps installed on mobile phone networks and used the basic location-information that networks log as people move around. Analysing this data helps the NSA work out which devices are regularly in close proximity and, by implication, exposes a potential connection between the owners of those handsets.
The American Civil Liberties Union said it was “staggering” that the NSA could mount such a vast location-logging system without any public debate. The “dragnet surveillance” broke US obligations that require it to respect the privacy of foreigners and Americans.
“The government should be targeting its surveillance at those suspected of wrong-doing, not assembling massive associational databases that, by their very nature, record the movements of a huge number of innocent people,” it added.

imagesCABSWSRKThe steady flow of information about the NSA’s surveillance work has led Microsoft to take steps to protect itself and its customers from unwarranted scrutiny, it said in a blogpost.
Brad Smith, Microsoft legal counsel, said government snooping was now as much of a security problem as computer viruses and other cyber-attacks.
In response, Mr Smith said, Microsoft was expanding its use of encryption; would fight legal orders that stop it telling customers when their data is being sought and would allow a closer look at the code it develops to show there were no backdoors built in.
Now, just to help the congestion a bit, and ease the back log at the NSA, I would like to tell them that I am staying home for the day, except for a quick trip to the A and P on the corner this afternoon.