Neil young lives in a big house down in the States.
Neil usually stays there until he wants something.
Neil has decided he needs a bit of publicity to sell his records, so he came up to Canada, and is using his celebrity status to champion the environment and the Indians, (as all good left-wingers are required to do at least twice a year) while promoting himself in the process!
(By the way, these are the same Indians that work in the oilfields, and whose Reserves get hundreds of millions of dollars from the oil companies …………, but, you know, ya might as well have your cake and eat it too! Right Bunky?)
asshole trophy

It’s a great trick folks, doing your left wing thing,  promoting yourself, helping the Indians, (who are sure helping themselves,) doing a little dance, making a little love, and getting down tonight!
(Oh wait…! Sorry…! That was K.C. and the Sunshine Band!)
Anyway, the Indians speak with forked tongue and Neil is just doing what he has to do!
BUT, he’s still a plain ordinary hypocrite, and that also makes him our “Asshole of the Week!”