The polar vortex may be saying its goodbyes today, but for many Canadians, the bitter deep freeze isn’t going anywhere just yet.
Southern Ontario is starting to see some relief today after enduring some severe cold and wind chills from the polar vortex over the past few days. Temperatures in the -20s Celsius and wind chills down near -40 shattered records, in some cases going as far back as the 1800s. Adding to the chills, blizzard conditions sweeping off of Lake Huron on Tuesday caused whiteouts that shut down roadways north of London and Barrie, stranding many drivers. Temperatures are improving today, with wind chills only in the -20s — however that’s still well below normal for this time of year.
Quebec and the Maritimes were spared the full brunt of the vortex, it seems, mostly from having a bit of luck with their winds.

1057885-Royalty-Free-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Hairy-Nude-Shy-Man-Covering-Himself-Up-With-His-ArmsIn the prairies, though, the deep freeze is still holding on with both hands. After enduring the worst cold of this deep freeze — on Sunday, temperatures in Winnipeg got up to a daily high of -30 C and plunged down to -36 C that night, with wind chills of -51 C — intense cold being dragged down from the north behind the vortex is still blanketing the area.
Compared to the rest of the country, B.C. and Alberta are enjoying much more seasonal weather. There’s still a chill in the air for Alberta this morning, but temperatures are expected to climb up near zero or higher this afternoon. In British Columbia, communities in the mountain valleys are experiencing some mild and possibly snowy weather today, and the coast is seeing rainy and mild weather.
I don’t know about you bunky, but this weather sure reminds me of this movie:
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A drunk baby sitter was arrested in Florida after she was found passed out on a porch holding a barefoot, under-dressed 2-year-old boy, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said.

imagesCAEPA60IOH, OH
Remember around six, seven years ago when “celebrities” would claim their laptops got “stolen at the airport” as nude pictures of them conveniently started popping up on the Internet raising their profile?
Well guess what, kids?
Lindsay Lohan’s computer, (containing all sorts of nude pictures) just got ‘stolen’ at an airport in Shanghai, China!

So, what is sex or, more specifically, what constitutes a sex act?
Aside from the can’t-print-it-here obvious, that is.

That’s just one of the not so hoary questions Toronto dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford, who made history last month by leading the constitutional charge on the Supreme Court of Canada to decriminalize prostitution, wants to ask Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
She has a 2,000 word-long list of questions she feels needs answering before the Conservative government proposes any new legislation that will result in making transactional sex, which has always been legal in Canada, illegal.
At the top of her list is the definition of a sex act. Is helping a man who identifies as straight get prettied up in women’s clothes and cosmetics for sexual kicks prostitution? Is tying up consenting adults and spanking them a sex act? What type of restraints may be used? Can restraints be used? How hard may they be used? Does a therapeutic massage performed by a registered massage therapist that ends up with a sexual response count?

1073303-Clipart-3d-Sexy-Blond-Pinup-Woman-In-The-Nude-2-Royalty-Free-CGI-Illustration“Harper’s government is planning to regulate and enforce what goes on in the privacy of our homes and this concerns me,” she told the Star in a conference call interview yesterday. “Just because one red cent changes hands doesn’t mean that a sex worker is a criminal. They’re consenting adults engaged in private behaviour. It’s not the government’s business. It’s nobody’s business. It’s only their business if somebody is getting hurt.”
I don’t know too much about all those questions folks, but I can tell ya THIS: Your poor, deprived reporter has not been laid in such a long time that I can’t even remember what it is that the midget is supposed to do ……………………………., or who it is that gets tied up!
New data released by Statistics Canada this week suggests Quebec is losing people to other provinces at a rate not seen in more than a decade.
According to a report by the Montreal Gazette, the movers’ favoured destination is west down the 401.
A total of 28,439 people moved from Quebec to another province from January to September 2013 — the highest number of departures for that period in any year since 2000.
In most cases, Quebec’s loss was Ontario’s gain, with two out of three ex-Quebecers moving to Ontario, one in four to Alberta and just under one in ten to British Columbia, according to quarterly demographic estimates released by Statistics Canada in December.

Jack Jedwab, a demographer with the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration, says the reasons for the exodus is likely more economic than political.
“These numbers have a very recessionary look to them, at a time when we’re not in a recession,” he told the Gazette admitting that he will have to rethink his hypothesis if the negative population trend continues.
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Not to contradict a learned demographer but there seems to be some anecdotal evidence that some of those people leaving Quebec are doing so because the separatist Parti Quebcois is in power.
Other provinces, particularly in Eastern Canada, are losing residents in big numbers as well but what’s peculiar in Quebec’s case is that they’re losing residents to Ontario.
Ontario’s economy isn’t much better than Quebec’s. In fact, their respective GDP growth rates and unemployment rates were virtually identical in 2013.
There’s also circumstantial evidence — that the PQ is driving Anglophones away — in the form of a February 2013 poll commissioned by the CBC.
“Forty-two per cent of [Anglophones] surveyed in the EKOS research poll said they have considered leaving the province in the wake of the PQ victory.

In particular, the PQ’s stance on language restrictions has raised eyebrows in the English-speaking community.”
angelCBC reporters also spoke to an eastern Ontario realtor who says her Quebec client list has grown significantly since September 2012.
“We tend to notice a surge when the PQ gets into power,” broker Jackie Smith said estimating that business had increased by a whopping 25 per cent since the PQ took office.
Keep in mind that these figures are from before the PQ government formally unveiled their controversial Values Charter, which would essentially ban all government employees from wearing religious symbols in public institutions.
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I guess we’ll have to wait and see if a separatist government is really the cause of the ‘mass’ departure.
The concerning thing for Quebec politicos, businesses and landowners is that all this is happening while the PQ have only a minority government.
What’s going to happen if they get a majority?


untitledA new study conducted by the Perspective Research Department suggests that women tend to outlive men, as the number of centenarians in Ontario increased by more than 70 percent over the last 15 years with women making up more than 85 percent of people 100 or older.
We have to be careful here boys and girls, very soon we could be seeing them on every second block ….., running around with their red hats and canes!
Next thing ya know we will have gangs of old broads hanging around in front of tea houses, and having wheelchair races in local malls!

men63Here’s a note about Colorado radio preacher Kevin Swanson — you know, the guy who shared some thoughts with his Generations Radio cohost, pastor Dave Buehner, about that gay marriage float in last week’s Rose Bowl Parade.
“Bad enough that it existed at all, but why didn’t the parade provide some kind of balance, huh?” Buehner even had a fun suggestion:
Buehner: I wonder what the Rose Bowl parade would do if we had the stoning of  homosexuals along the parade just as an expression of free speech and all that.
And finally:
Here’s a photo of EVERYTHING folks!
Seriously, it IS everything…………………., the whole universe!