Pontbriand, now 43, is accused of having a romantic relationship with the teenager between 2002 and 2004.
She was 32 years old at the time. (She is still hot!)
The student, now in his 20s, said the pair first had sex on a weekend camping trip north of Montreal in May 2002.

The court heard they also had sex in her office and at her home.
The boy reported Pontbriand to police in 2007.
1049252-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Valentine-Pinup-Woman-In-A-White-Dress-Holding-A-RoseThe Crown presented DNA traces from Pontbriand the teenager found on a sleeping bag.
She has repeatedly denied the affair ever happened despite an earlier school board report that also concluded she took advantage of the student’s vulnerability.
First of all, a fifteen year old boy is not vulnerable………, he’s a very willing participant.
Second, he “reported” her in 2007, so why the delay?
Third.  If he reported her, it wasn’t about the sex folks, there was something else involved …………, because ya don’t report something that would normally be a big thing to brag about, folks!
And last, but not least …………………! Why was she charged in the first place. This woman should be given a medal, she helped a kid through his difficult teen years!

That Kardashian clan just keeps getting weirder and weirder kids!
Papa Kardashian, also known as Bruce Jenner, already looks very feminine after multiple surgeries, and has now had his Adams Apple removed!
Don’t know about you bunky, but we think the ENTIRE family is fucked-up!

article-bieber11-0123Word has it that Justin Beiber is in training to become the next mayor of Toronto!
This is his apprenticeship!

The hyperbole has begun. After the spectacular success of the Cronut last year, the latest Franken-pastry to take the media by storm is the Cragel which is already being touted as the pastry of 2014 less than a month into the new year.
dynamic_resizeK568VLCWCreated out of Brooklyn bakery shop The Bagel Store, the Cragel is half bagel, half croissant and has gone viral after being picked up by major media and broadcast outlets including USA Today, The Daily Mail in the UK, and The Late Show with David Letterman.
The brainchild of bakery owner Scot Rossillo, the Cragel is described as “a delicate, flaky, buttery croissant” baked into a bagel and costs $2.95 each.
WINNIPEG — Leaving a set of false teeth behind at a convenience store almost seven years ago has come back to bite a robbery suspect in Winnipeg.

Police in Winnipeg this week made an arrest in the 2007 knife-point robbery after DNA testing on the dropped teeth led them to a woman recently convicted of an unrelated crime.
“Because of the initial processing of the DNA from the incident dating back to 2007, recently there was a hit,” Const. Jason Michalyshen said.
Michalyshen said police are often able to make arrests based on left-behind items — “from clothing to identification” — but admits a pair of falsies is a rare item to work with.
The unnamed woman now faces charges in the 2007 convenience store knife-point robbery.

dynamic_resize6QN73Z9UMONTREAL — Nearly 500 men have answered a call for 23 men to have sex with a porn actress for her 23rd birthday, though the woman is expressing concerns about the production.
The orgy will be broadcast from a Montreal swingers’ club, according to social media postings from XXX AD4 Production.
The actress, Heidi Van Horny, has only been in the business a month.

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