Folks, a lot of people might read this headline and think the article is in defence of Gay Rights.
But it’s NOT!
It’s not about right, or wrong, or gay or sad, or any other queer reason at all.
It’s about being STUPID!

And it also makes this woman our “Asshole of the day!”
2-Ply-Toilet-Paper-Annual-AwardAn Italian gay-rights activist said she was detained by police at the Olympics after being stopped while carrying a rainbow flag that read in Russian: “Gay is OK.”
Vladimir Luxuria, a former Communist lawmaker in the Italian parliament who has become a prominent transgender rights crusader and television personality, told The Associated Press she was held for several hours before she was released.
She said she was not charged!
Just accused………………………, of stupidity!

ford-assault-lawsuit-20140130Is it just me …………………………, or am i starting to miss Rob Ford?
Haven’t heard from him in the last week or so!

A year-long inquiry by the UN into rights abuses in North Korea has said all those accused of crimes against humanity, including leader Kim Jong-non, must face justice.
Kim Jong-non has been given until Wednesday to turn himself in!

Boy oh boy folks, when ya got one asshole ……………………………., ya got a bunch of them!
Project1There is a woman called Andrea Peyser, of the New York Post, (the Post is a Murdoch rag with no credibility) who wrote a long and detailed article trying to prove that this cold winter we’re having proves that “Global Warming” is nonsense!
Here is some of what she said:
untitledPresident Obama has proposed regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. And in his proposed budget next month, he will ask Congress to set up a $1 billion “Climate Change Resilience Fund,’’ that would be used for research, helping communities prepare for climate change and funding “breakthrough technologies and resilient infrastructure,’’ a White House spokesman told BUT, can Obama persuade Congress to go for this at a time when more Americans than ever are asking why it’s so cold?
This broad is so stupid, and ill-informed, she doesn’t even know that climate change is not just about the AVERAGE temperature going up………………., it’s about more unpredictable and SEVERE weather hitting us in the face!
Somebody should have a talk with her!

untitledSmell-o-vision may still be out of reach, but U.S. researchers are on the verge of bringing smell-texts into the public domain. The oPhone — scheduled for a limited release at the end of this year — uses chips with “unique aromatic profiles” called oNotes to emit a scent from the device, in response to an email, text or tweet.
WE GOT THIS PRESS RELEASE ABOUT AN HOUR AGO: Fog forces Olympics to delay some events!
12550949031911943014Olympic_sports_Ski_jumping_pictogram_svg_medThe fog, which moved in early Sunday evening, had yet to abate despite efforts from course administrators to blow it away using high-powered fans deployed throughout the course

So far, three competitors and six spectators are missing and search crews are out looking for them!
The weirdest incident so far was when one of the ski-jump athletes took off from the ski ramp …………………………….., got lost in the fog, ……………………………………, and never came down again!
I should never have tried one of those penis enlarger pills!
Not only did it work ...., now I keep falling over!
Researchers claim a new study provides some of the most compelling evidence yet for tighter gun controls in the US.

imagesYHUAQUBPThe team followed the consequences of the State of Missouri repealing its permit-to-purchase handgun law in 2007.
The law had required purchasers to be vetted by the local sheriff and to receive a licence before buying a gun.
Reporting soon in the Journal of Urban Health, the researchers will say that the repeal resulted in an immediate spike in gun violence and murders.
AND FINALLY: Our thanks to Doctor Doom over at WONKETTE, who came up with THIS!
New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key, according to an “Official Information Act” request, had to confirm that he is NOT a shape shifting LIZARD PERSON!

“To the best of my knowledge, no. Having been asked that question directly, I’ve taken the unusual step of not only seeing a doctor but a vet, and both have confirmed I’m not a reptile,” a smiling Mr. Key said!

BUT, according to Dr. Doom, That’s exactly what a Lizard Person would say!