Not wishing to be inconvenienced, (since I had places to go, and people to see) I politely told them to “fuck off!”
For my efforts I had two eyes blackened and two of my teeth knocked out………………, AND THEN THEY CHARGED ME WITH ASSAULT TO MAKE IT HARDER TO SUE THEM!
With that in mind I can definitely relate to this guys story:

Serge Zubko (87) said the chain of events started about 9 p.m. on that Monday evening when his wife, (89) who he says suffers from “100% dementia” and who speaks mostly Polish, left the house and got the attention of three girls walking by when she said there was a “bad man” in the house.
Someone called police, who came out to check on the woman and the situation. The only person inside was Zubko, who was watching TV and unaware of what was going on outside, he said.
When officers arrived, they tried to speak to Zubko’s wife, but she doesn’t speak English. So they went to the house and knocked on the window, he said.
“There’s a knock on the picture window . . . I get up, and hear a harsh voice saying ‘Do you live here?’ It startles me. Whose business is it?” said Zubko, recalling the incident and saying he didn’t realize at first it was police at the window.
“I answered with a question: ‘Can’t you tell (that I live here)?’ ”
The voice said to come outside.
When he got to the door, he said, he saw the officers, but also saw his wife near a police cruiser at the road. He instinctively tried to move toward her, but officers blocked him, yanking his hands behind his back to arrest him, he said.
And then, Zubko said, they shoved him face down onto the driveway.
“It hurt like hell,” he said, adding he couldn’t help but cry in pain and shout for help as he begged the officers to uncuff him.
“Who would handcuff a guy (behind) his back and push him over on his face, whether he’s 87 or 17?” asked London lawyer Bill Dewar who said he had been retained earlier this week by Zubko.
“You can’t get around the fact, the guy is on his own property and committed no crime.”
Dewar said police “should have known his wife was an Alzheimer’s patient,” and even if they wanted to arrest Zubko, they could have done so with less force.
Police said Zubko was “uncooperative” and swore at the officers when they started asking questions out of “concern for the woman’s well-being.”
Asked to comment on Zubko’s claim the officers shoved him face down onto the ground after cuffing him, Steeves said the officers weren’t available for comment, but that he would leave a message stating the Free Press wanted more answers.
“It’s unbelievable,” said Zubko, who said he was taken to hospital by ambulance for his facial injuries.
“Things like this don’t happen in Canada,” he added.

OK, that takes care of the cop’s part in this whole mess!
NOW, flash forward to the London court house yesterday:

His lawyer Phillip Millar said there had been some resolution discussions, but the Crown wasn’t willing to withdraw the charge.
“The Crown wants to proceed with the charge so we’re going to have a one day trial with a multitude of witnesses and a Polish interpreter so that he can have his day in court and prove he didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, Crown Attorneys don’t give a shit about guilty or innocent, right or wrong, good or bad ……………………….., they just want to get a conviction, so that they can earn more BROWNIE POINTS!
NOW, back to MY case those many years ago: I took it to trail since I was really the one who got “assaulted,” and the Judge, who normally gives out 3 -6 months jail time for assaulting a cop, still found me guilty ………………….., but only gave me a $100- fine!
And that’s how our justice system works, bunky!