Singer Katy Perry has upset members of the Muslim community by featuring “blasphemous” imagery in the music video for her new hit Dark Horse.
In the promo, the Roar hitmaker plays an Egyptian queen who has the power to zap her subjects with lightning and turn them into sand, and she has offended Muslims by killing one male subject, wearing a pendant reading God (Allah) in Arabic. The jewellery item is also zapped.
(As far as we know, she hasn’t received any death threats ………………………………………, YET!)
Saw a great article by this guy today:  By ,
Generation X and the Millennials live in a really screwed up world.
There was a time not too long ago when people used to keep to themselves. Today they tweet, Facebook and Instagram their dull lives to the world in real time.
1297122310536_AUTHOR_PHOTOWe’re nicer and more accepting than ever, but somehow everything we do is now considered racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

Instead of just punching the bully back, we wear pink shirts and then act surprised when all this accomplishes is more bullying.
We reported yesterday that although Quebec’s language laws themselves were not the reason, Anglophones were leaving the province in droves.  (It was the economic results of the language laws that made people want to leave!)

imagesCA0RM70KAlmost half of anglophones and allophones who live in Quebec say that their loved ones are what keep them in the province. The new Ekos poll, commissioned by the CBC, asked more than 2,000 Quebecers why they choose to live in the province. According to the poll, 47 per cent of anglophones and 41 per cent of allophones say they stay because their family and friends are in Quebec

Yup, family and friends will keep you there for a while ………………………, but eventually ya gotta face the music and split!
Orientals are not known for their bushy beards, so the latest fashion trend in Japan is getting a “beard transplant!”

106890357_wide-05a51bb0822e9da208ce190c2de2d47d4df99ddf-s40-c85Facebook’s foray into email ended Monday, when the social media giant quietly retired the email service that many users didn’t even know existed.
All 6 users received a notice saying the email addresses they deployed are going away.
“We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email addresses, and we wanted to make it easier to view all your emails in one place,” the message read.

images0GRLSG0CWorld-renowned flamenco dancer Paco de Lucia, who dazzled audiences with his lightning-speed flamenco rhythms, has died in Mexico, Spanish officials said Wednesday. He was 66.
A spokeswoman for the town hall of de Lucia’s native Spanish town of Algeciras said de Lucia family members had told them the artist died of a heart attack. She said he began to feel unwell while on a beach in Cancun with his child and died while being taken to a local hospital.
Officials said the funeral will be delayed up to a day while the mortuary tries to get his head facing forward again after too many years of Flamenco dancing!

While tiny houses have been attractive for those wanting to downsize or simplify their lives for financial or environmental reasons, there’s another population benefiting from the small-dwelling movement: the homeless.
There’s a growing effort across the nation from advocates and religious groups to build these compact buildings because they are cheaper than a traditional large-scale shelter, help the recipients socially because they are built in communal settings and are environmentally friendly due to their size.

5019714d07fce5084c0f6a7067009022“You’re out of the elements, you’ve got your own bed, you’ve got your own place to call your own,” said Harold “Hap” Morgan, who is without a permanent home in Madison. “It gives you a little bit of self-pride: This is my own house.”
He’s in line for a 99-square-foot house built through the nonprofit Occupy Madison Build, or OM Build, run by former organizers with the Occupy movement. The group hopes to create a cluster of tiny houses like those in Olympia, Wash., and Eugene and Portland, Ore.
Pamela Anderson cut her hair so she could … run better?
In response to a query from a fan, the “Baywatch” star revealed on Sunday that she got her new pixie cut for the New York City Marathon.
“Better to run the NYC Marathon for Haiti — is been a nice change,” she wrote.
The 46-year-old B.C. native was first photographed with her new haircut in October 2013.
“Aero Dynamic,” she captioned an Instagram image of her new look.
AND FINALLY:  Ever since the Japanese original “Godzilla” (first titled “Godjira”) took the horror genre to all new heights, literally and figuratively, with its larger-than-life reptilian beast, there’ve been a number of very varied attempts to capitalize on the creature’s fear potential. The latest of which — director Gareth Edwards’s upcoming release starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston — just released a new trailer that is bigger in scale than any previous incarnation, smashing up everything from San Francisco to Las Vegas