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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Asshole of the week!

asshole trophy ;

An Indiana woman who was suffering from severe stomach pain headed to the hospital.

Instead of needing gallbladder surgery, she came home with a healthy baby boy!!!!!

(This woman is a retard on so many levels it makes my head swim!)

After being badgered one too many times about settling down and getting married, self-proclaimed spinster and photographer Suzanne Heintz created a new project titled Life Once Removed. It’s a truly hilarious skewering of the American dream.
Over the last 14 years, Suzanne has traveled 10,000 miles and has taken hundreds of photos with her mannequin husband Chauncey and daughter Mary Margaret.
Suzanne has gone incredibly far to recreate the ultimate nuclear family photo album, even bringing her fake family on vacations to the mountains, to Paris, and even creating a Christmas card every year!
If you’d like to see more of the Life Once Removed project, and we’d recommend it, because it’s great. Go to Suzanne’s Facebook page:

Despite what most of the left wing media said today, Rob Ford managed to come away from Jimmy Kimmel’s show relatively unscathed folks!
Oh, I had nightmares about what Kimmel could do to the Mayor, but all in all, it was more of a love-in with Kimmel than anything else.
Sure they showed snippets of some of Ford’s infamous video clips, but the conversation was mostly respectful and engaging, so we can safely say Rob Ford dodged the bullet last night! (Just the same, there is no way I would have gone on that show!!!!!)