Folks, today is my birthday, and I’m tellin’ ya this for two reasons!
First of all, I always knew I would be this age someday ……………………….., I just never thought it would get here this fast!
And second:
Technology is an amazing thing.
The “Google” people know that today is my birthday,  so the logo at the top of the ‘Google’ page has ‘Google’ spelled out in BIRTHDAY CAKE! (See above)

The CBC had their own take on Rob Ford’s visit to Hollywood ……., and it differed wildly from what we said here yesterday!
images(You might remember that we showed a video of his entire interview with Jimmy Kimmel, and although it was not a total ‘love fest,’ the Mayor held his own and promoted T.O. etc. etc.)
According to the CBC, that interview was a total EMBARRASSMENT for Ford, Toronto, and everyone involved!  (They showed multiple clips of people on the street running down the Mayor and saying what an asshole he was!)
Listen folks, ya gotta expect some ribbing if you go on the Kimmel show, but Ford managed to pull it off without major damage and that’s all we could hope for!
(I will say AGAIN that he would have been smarter to not even go on the show ……………….., but what’s done is done!)
I remember reading, (in utter amazement) about how Niagara Falls once froze over a hundred years ago!


Boy, do we ever have a good “Asshole of the Day” today! This school bus company!
HM9816_OR_Pineapple_TP_Holder_9470907_stdA veteran school bus driver has been fired for picking up students in her own vehicle after her bus failed to start.
“Junior high kids often don’t dress appropriately for the weather, so I was concerned,” admits Ms. Lindon, 34. “They care more about how they look than whether they’ll lose some fingers or toes if they’re outside too long.”

HawkwoodLater that day, Ms. Lindon received a call from the school bus company and was told to come with her bus to the headquarters “as soon as possible,” where she was fired, because it was against company policy to pick up children in a personal vehicle.
She said no one had ever told her that.
Mike Stiles, assistant location and safety manager for the bus company, said he couldn’t comment on a personnel matter and directed inquiries to head office in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Nobody from head office returned a call.
News has been circulating for months that there is a serious housing bubble centered in Vancouver and Toronto, and this news won’t help much:
You can read warnings from the Bank of Canada, or simply look out a window of a Toronto office building and see that there are a ton of condominiums going up in Canada’s biggest city.
Nationwide, the amount of multi-family homes under construction (adjusted for population) is well over 200 deviations above its historical average.

Meanwhile: Scotiabank’s economists think the immense amount of condominiums in the pipeline for Totonto will have developers thinking twice about launching new projects. “Housing face challenges due to a combination of overbuilding in recent quarters and general concerns in the industry that it’s important to see how supply-under-construction is absorbed before starting new projects,” write Derek Holt and Dov Zigler.
Developers appear to have tipped their hands as to which direction they think prices are heading. A recent survey from Urbanation found that the most common best strategy for new Toronto condominium projects in 2014 is to “launch at below market prices.”
The growing consensus is that Canadian real estate has become overvalued.
A rise in interest rates, and overbuilding, would together be the cause for any meaningful decline in prices.
Condominiums are seen under construction in Toronto

Heavy-duty trucks spend more time on the road than passenger vehicles, so improving their efficiency can have a major effect on emissions–and their owners’ bottom lines.
That’s why Walmart is getting into the truck-design business with the WAVE–Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience–concept.
With its aerodynamic cab, the WAVE certainly doesn’t look like any other large truck currently on U.S. roads.
The design was achieved in part by placing the driver in the center of the cab. The steering wheel is flanked by LCD screens–in place of conventional gauges–and there is a sleeping compartment directly behind the driver’s pod.
The WAVE features a range-extended electric powertrain, consisting of a Capstone micro-turbine and an electric motor.


imagesCA6LHLW7Boy, do we also have a great a great “Winner of the Day” today folks!
These tree have earned our undying gratitude!
Some Toronto District School Board trustees have issued a formal request asking whether or not public nudity laws will be enforced at this year’s Pride parade.
Three trustees — Sam Sotiropoulos, Irene Atkinson and John Hastings — will put forward a motion at Wednesday’s meeting that calls on the board chair to write to Mayor Rob Ford and city councillors, asking them clarify as to whether nudity laws will be upheld at Pride events.
Attended by thousands every year, the Pride parade often features participants in various states of undress ……………, and a lot of people aren’t very happy about it!. (This is also one of the main reasons Rob Ford won’t participate in, or attend, the parade!!!!!!!!!!!!)

There was a time when news that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss just bought spaceship tickets using Bitcoin would have been completely surprising.
That time is long, long gone.
The Winklevoss twins are:
  • Harvard educated
  • Strong
  • Tall
  • Good at rowing
  • Rich
  • Give good “thumbs up” signs
But it’s not enough. It’ll never be enough, because they’ll still, forever be the pair that was duped out of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has trouble speaking and owns a dog that looks like a giant fungal infection, but he will always be the guy who duped the Winklevoss twins out of Facebook.
And so, the overcompensation ballet continues, blasting away from the gravitational pull of that dumb rock where that fucking nerd Zuckerberg screwed us in college. Tyler penned an explanation of why the two just shelled out for Virgin Galactic tickets, making them TBD astronauts through a service that has yet to actually begin:
Humans have a long tradition of exploring and forging new frontiers, both physically and metaphorically.
Ah, jeez.
Today, I think we can all agree that this spirit is alive and quite well…It is in this vein that Cameron and I contemplate our tickets into space – as seed capital supporting a new technology that may forever change the way we travel, purchased with a new technology that may forever change the way we transact.
The inexorable spirit of adventure that drives us to conquer the wilderness, build castles, and invest money in shady offshore currency exchanges: it’s what makes us human. The same daring behind Bitcoin is “responsible for every human breakthrough and advancement since the dawn of mankind.” Ergo, Mars:
They are why we are still here on our planet today, and why we stand a chance of being here tomorrow…or on Mars. When we can, Cameron and I will always do our best to support them.
Are you going to Mars, Mark Zuckerberg? HMM?