Folks, the Sterling scandal has taken on a life of its own, and is getting far too much attention…………………, much more than it deserves!
With this in mind I am going to make a few comments, and then never mention the subject again.
First of all: Donald Sterling made those unfortunate, stupid and racist remarks about blacks when his basketball team is almost all black!

images56Second: His “girlfriend” is half Hispanic and half Black. (She also looks like she’s about 18 while Donald is something like 112 – See picture – By the way ……, Sterling’s 80 year old wife is suing the bitch for unfair competition!)
Third: All the left wing whiners cannot just “take away” Donald Sterling’s team. He “owns it,” ………….. much the same as he thinks he “owns” the players on the team!
But, like I said, this whole thing is getting a lot more attention than it deserves!
It looks like the only way Sterling can redeem himself is to sell the team and dump his girlfriend …………………, and then slowly fade into the bushes!

BmKXwjOCQAEx0-dA 70-foot long Budweiser blimp is on the loose in New Brunswick after breaking free of its tether during a ball hockey tournament over the weekend.
The helium-filled blimp came loose in Saint John and has been spotted near the town of Sussex.
The military sent a few fighters from CFB Bagotville up to shoot it down, but they couldn’t find it and authorities have since lost track of it.
(The RCMP told CTV Atlantic there was no sign of the blimp Monday.)
Transport Canada has issued warnings about the blimp to pilots in southern New Brunswick.
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Do people really swallow up to eight spiders a year?

Folks, It’s hard enough to avoid those horrible wriggly things while we’re awake, and now we have to worry that they’re crawling into our mouths while we sleep? Little Miss Muffett was a piker.
Fear not. This “statistic” average the average person swallowing eight spiders per year was not only made up out of whole cloth, it was invented as an example of the absurd things people will believe simply because they come across them on the Internet.
Folks, as you are all aware, guys will have sex with just about anything. Back in the 50′s Lenny Bruce used to make fun of guys doing it to chickens …….., or even mud!
Well, nowadays we are aware that A.I.D.s came about from guys fucking monkeys, but new research has determined that MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) is caused by getting “familiar” with CAMELS.
Yes, you heard right ……………, CAMELS!
Thousands of men leer on, playboys skid around outside in expensive cars, and top models command fees reaching into the millions as part of the biggest beauty contest this side of Dubai.
But, unlike most pageants, it is not women on display but camels – a situation which suits the exclusively male attendees just fine.
Visitors to this sprawling event held annually in Liwa, United Arab Emirates, happily admit that they consider the winning camels – which change hands for almost £2million each – more beautiful than their wives, and indeed any other woman.

untitledThe prize beasts are adorned with luxuriant ornaments, and even receive expensive beauty treatments like lip fillers and fake eyelashes to give them an edge.
The contest, the subject of a new documentary by Vice, is overseen by camel moguls who spend tens of millions on their exorbitant herds of animals.
Traders trek for months through the desert to reach the site of the contest, which began in the early 2000s, while VIP attendees catch helicopters to the lavish event.
Speaking to Vice presenter Charlet Duboc, camel mogul Ben Souaed boasted of his 50-strong collection, which has brought him victory for years.
He said: ‘I have beautiful camels. I have over 50, others only have 20-30. I have spent $23million (£13.7million) on buying good camels.’ His most expensive purchase had cost £1.8million.

Boasting of one called Wahaida, his favourite, he said: ‘Her colour is nice, her measurements are good and she always wins number one spot.’
As well as beauty rounds, the animals are pitted against each other in races, while their owners compete in milking contest.
Boys of less than 10 who bring their baby camels into a junior round are rewarded with a Nissan pick-up truck they will not be able to drive for years.
One camel enthusiast featured on the video explain the obsession felt by many attendees.
He said: ‘I personally see camels as more beautiful than women, horses and all other animals. None of them are equal to a string of camel hair.’
Another simply gestured to his favourite and said: ‘Sexy, yeah?’

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