Folks, while it has never been a gentleman’s game, at least politics was practiced with a certain degree of civility and decorum in the past.
It just occurred to me this morning that the veneer of respectability in politics is not only long gone, but despite the apparent differences, there really is no great underlying distinction between the U.S. and Canada anymore!

BLOGSCANADA LOGO (2)Just listen to this: In the States there are a bunch of Right Wingers who will do anything, and say anything, to fuck-up and discredit the Left.
Here in Canada there are a bunch of Left Wingers who will do anything, and say anything, to fuck-up and discredit the right.
(The phony outrage and manufactured issues over the ‘election act,’ and ‘robo-calls,’ are just the latest examples!)
No sir, no difference at all!
A visit to Canada next month by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will include a visit with Hudson the polar bear in Winnipeg.
(The bear has reportedly been seen cleaning out the den, and sprucing up his yard in preparation for the Royal visit!)
Meanwhile, controversy continues in Halifax where during a visit to the Public Gardens, Charles will plant an English oak tree adjacent to the oak tree planted 75 years ago by his grandfather, King George VI.
(French groups are demanding the Prince plant some sort of French tree as well!)

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Boy, have we got an “Asshole of the Day” for ya today folks!
An Ontario woman who struck three teenage boys on their bicycles, killing one, now is suing the kids’ families for more than $1 million for the stress she’s suffered as a result of the accident.

asshole trophySharlene Simon was driving down a country lane in Simcoe County north of Toronto around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 28, 2012, when she suddenly came on the three teens riding abreast returning from a local coffee shop.
Unable to stop in time, she plowed into the group, killing 17-year-old Brandon Majewski and seriously injuring 16-year-old Richard McLean. Their friend Jake Roberts, also 16, escaped with only scratches, QMI Agency reported.
Last December, a lawyer for Simon filed a statement of claim in Ontario Superior Court naming the estate of the dead teen and the families of his friends, alleging the driver “has sustained and will sustain great pain and suffering,” including ” a severe shock to her system” as a result of the crash, Postmedia News reported.
(P.S. She is is also being sued by the family of the dead kid!)
It's not just 2, 3, or 4 in the morning anymore folks:
[quote]Montreal is pushing ahead with plans to let bars serve alcohol until the sun comes up starting in early June, launching an experiment that stands to cement the city's reputation as the nation's late-night urban playground.Mayor Denis Coderre, who has promoted the idea, says the city will increase police surveillance and monitor noise as the pilot project gets off the ground.[/quote]
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Look folks, back in my younger days I have walked out of a place and been assaulted by sunlight ....................., and it is one strange and terrible feeling.  (We used to go to a certain all night party in Toronto every Saturday night  back in the seventies. In the morning, once we got used to daylight, we would go to High [sic] Park to ride the water buffalo and talk to the geese!)
Ah, the good ol' United States of America!
Always a good story or two down there!
lapdance1[quote]A Houston-area teacher has been charged with doing a lap dance for a boy at school on his 15th birthday.
A criminal complaint says 42-year-old Felicia A. Smith of Spring was charged Thursday with having an improper relationship with a student.
Investigators say the teacher in the Aldin Independent School District allegedly did the suggestive dance on Feb. 26 at Stovall Middle School in front of other students.
The district released a statement saying the teacher has been removed from campus amid the investigation.
Investigators told that the approximately four-minute lap dance was videotaped and the teacher allowed the student to slap her buttocks.
Smith reportedly told the student “I love you, baby, happy birthday” after the song.[/quote]
US law enforcement is claiming a victory in its 43-year War on Drugs™ after a Dutch man accused of being one of the largest drug dealers on the now-defunct Silk Road online bazaar agreed to plead guilty to a single drug conspiracy charge.
Over an 18-month period, the Feds allege, Cornelis Jan Slomp sent 104 kilograms of MDMA,  566,000 barbiturate  tablets, four kilos of cocaine, three of benzodiazepine, and "substantial quantities" of amphetamines, LSD, and marijuana into the US disguised in empty DVD boxes.
Prosecutors are seeking a 40 year jail term!
P.E.I. Report
Folks, this is going to piss off the politically correct crown again ...................,, but this school in Charlottetown has a GREAT idea!

[quote]A private school in Charlottetown is experimenting with splitting classes up into all boys and all girls.
The two classes at Immanuel Christian School are made up of students from grades three to five.
The small school was looking for a way to split the classes up, and splitting by gender seemed easiest.
The boys in Elizabeth Brink's class are enjoying it. "I've been to four schools," said one student, "it's really fun having only boys around."  And  Ms. Brinks is finding there are benefits beyond students having more fun. "I do notice them wanting to share more and give their ideas more freely," she said.
Down the hall the girls' class is enjoying the split too. "Our last project we did paper vase with flowers and stuff, and boys would probably not like it as much," said one student.[/quote]
Look boys and girls, I can only tell you that my wife went to an all girls primary school, and secondary school, and found the lack of distraction from boys a wonerful benefit.
As for me, I found girls in my class a terrible distraction, and when I got into a grade ten business class, I was part of a group of 32 girls and four boys ....., and that year 3 of the four guys failed their year, including me! 
(The reason there were so many girls and so few boys is because the business course included "typing." which is now called "keyboarding," AND THE IRONY OF THE WHOLE THING IS IT'S THE ONLY USEFUL THING I LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL!)
Over in the nations capital, The Museum of Civilization, or whatever it's called now, has opened up a new exhibit celebrating Canada's Aboriginal achievements.
The first, and only display so far, commemorates the invention of the tomahawk!
Now here's something ya don't see everyday: A university committee investigating reports that a fertility clinic worker artificially inseminated a patient with his own sperm called the action "unacceptable" on Thursday, but said it could not determine whether the switch was intentional. (Names and locations have been changed!)
Practices at two now-closed clinics came into question last year when P**** B*****, who was artificially inseminated at Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc, claimed genetic testing revealed that, instead of her husband, a lab technician had fathered their daughter in the early 1990s.
The technician, Tom Lippert, has since died.
The committee of three university physicians, tasked with reviewing the case and making recommendations to the institution, said in a report released on Thursday that it was unclear how the switch occurred or whether it was accidental or done on purpose.
images"Either explanation is unacceptable from the perspective of the committee and, presumably, the B****** and any other couples who might be similarly affected," the report said.
<-- (OH well!)
Lippert, who had a criminal record, was hired without a background check in 1988 and worked part-time at both RMT and the Community Lab, the report said.
He was also a registered sperm donor at the clinics and frequently supplied samples.
Lippert, considered a good worker by some but a problem employee by others, left the job in 1993 for unknown reasons and died six years later, the report said.
Sean Mulvihill, M.D., associate vice president for clinical affairs and CEO of the University, apologized to the B******** for the swap on behalf of the University this week.
AND FINALLY: Scientists have discovered a way to make old people look much younger!

HINT: Have you ever seen the movie: “Face Off!”

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